100 baggers/ Growth Stocks

Potential 100 baggers only if leadership is competent and visionary.

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YTD performance of PLTR is almost on par with NVDA.
Disclosure: My $ allocation to PLTR is about 1/4 of that in NVDA. May have underinvested in PLTR.

Other stocks favored by Finance Junkies are absolutely decimated. Eg. ENVX, ENPH, PYPL, and DIS. So much for FA.

What I have:
Cybersecurity: CRWD, NET
e-Commerce: SHOP
Semi: NVDA
FinTech: SOFI

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PLTR :+1: almost as good as NVDA :wink: Waiting for PLTR to annoy @manch soon.

I don’t understand PLTR. If you do good for you.

Jesse inverse indicator…

Today, Nov 21, 2023…
Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 2.12.04 PM

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So many Fintwitters brag about their high Ytd returns. Ytd return of my growth portfolio is 200% yet is 50% below the ATH achieved in 2021 and two year return is still red. I really want to know what is the two year return of these braggers.

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Ken 100 bagger: OLAS. Just read it. So didn’t do any reading up or buy any. Just sharing. Not financial advice. Not your babysitter :roll_eyes: