173 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara - feedback invited

Would appreciate feedback on overall listing - photos, description, staging.


Hmmm, it’s crickets on the feedback!

C’on guys. I am selling my townhome and just posted the link to the listing. Please take a few mins to review and share your feedback. If anything can be improved, now’s the time!

Help a brother out :smile:

First thing first: where are you moving to? Or is this a rental? :smile:

Have no idea price is that high for a TH in that area…

Staging is good. It seems even South Bay has caught on now. It used to be that most houses down there don’t have staging.

The MLS copy is a bit too much fluff. The first few questions are waste of space. Just launch right into the facts. No mention of what HOA includes. Looks like you have a community pool there. Maybe write a few words what amenities are there in the complex?

Finally I thought Rebecca Lin mostly does evergreen?


Those questions are my suggestion. My take was the opposite - why reiterate the facts that are readily visible at the very top of the listing page even before one scrolls down to see the description. I am using Redfin listing page as the CX.

Good point.

Some people are dead set against paying HOA. So if you list the benefits buyers won’t mind as much. Like some HOA pays water and garbage. Tell people that.

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I can’t comment on the price, but love the paint colors. Staging and photos are beautiful. I am opposite of Manch that description is for fluff to touch people emotion and describe about the things people might not realize which I feel yours cover it.

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I literally just hit the send button on an email to my realtor asking to include this sentence:
HOA amenities include swimming pool, spa and most utilities (water, sewer, trash)

Thank you for catching that and calling it out. This is exactly why I posted the link here. I have always found feedback from this group to be invaluable!

On the HOA front, I am not quite able to figure out how to articulate the HOA impact on lower Home Insurance. HOA has master insurance that covers entire dwelling structure. Due to this, the HO6 insurance owners have to buy is 30-40% the cost of an equivalent SFH insurance cost. I feel that’s too much detail to try to include in listing description but for someone who’s wary of $385/mo HOA cost, it helps to understand that probably 80% of that cost is recouped by HOA covering utilities and insurance.



This was my thinking as well. Using Redfin listing page as a template, I felt the potential of MLS listing description is being wasted if I simply reiterate the info that’s already displayed very prominently at the very top of the page. I can see how some people will not like that. But, even those folks are not getting any value out of my MLS description if the description simply regurgitates info that’s in your face before you made the effort to read MLS description. I may be wrong!

One more thing, is the complex gated?

Not yet. But HOA has it on the agenda for next year.

Any of the appliances new? Did you do any recent upgrade like paint or remodeling?

Most appliances were bought and painting/remodeling done in 2013 when I purchased the house. Don’t know if I can call them newish now.
Are the appliances and renovation (a) 6 yrs old, or (b) 37 yrs younger than the house! :laughing:
Some stuff like furnace is barely 6 months old.

And then there’s the issue of 1000 char limit on MLS description - so what to include and what to leave for seller disclosure. Of course, everything is on seller disclosures.


6 years old is not terribly exciting… :smile:

List price is fair but could have been lower to create some excitement. Did Rebecca have any input on your price?

Are you pricing at market and not trying the price low multi bidding game?

What about 37 years younger :roll_eyes:

Yes, pricing strategy suggested by LA was to stay away from low price multi bidding game and go with a fair price.

If appliances not within 2 years old then forget it. No point mentioning it. :smile:

Your listing has already been viewed 1K times. It’s very popular. Won’t be surprised if it became a Redfin hot home.

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Recently I noticed being Redfin hot home actually reflects competition in offers. At least Redfin got that algorithm right.

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Or self fulfilling?