2019 IPO or Cybersecurity stocks are re-bounding?

CrowdStrike, Zoom Among 2019 Internet IPOs Rebounding In 2020

Some1 copied @manch theme to write an article. However,

While CrowdStrike stock and Zoom stock have rebounded in early 2020, shares in Slack Technologies (WORK) have not.

More like cybersecurity stocks are re-bounding? I have ZS :star_struck: but no CRWD :roll_eyes:

You have about 6 more months to make fun of Uber before it will look as silly as making fun of Tesla.

Get it out of your system now.

He is in uber already. Supershuttle has already quit SFO market. Thanks to uber/lyft. If it continues like this, uber will be the only person standing in the market. Load uber.

Chariot was interesting before they closed down.