2020 Recession - Global Lay off started now - first airlines


Norwegian Air will cancel 85% of its flights and temporarily lay off 7,300 employees amid the growing coronavirus crisis that has halted demand for air travel, the carrier said on Monday.

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crash begins

Canada is closing it’s borders. Mexico may soon. Trump might get his wall, and the Mexicans will pay for it :sunglasses:


The SOB blew it, didn’t he? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Amazon is hiring.

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We’re not calling it a hiring freeze, but it’s effectively one. Without the office open to conduct onsite interviews and onboard new employees, everything is stopping after phone screens.

I wonder if some companies will keep hiring and only use video interviews. Then they can mail laptops to new employees. It’s definitely not ideal.

Amazon, WalMart and all the grocery stores are hiring like crazy right now.

I been telling my service industry peers to file for unemployment or get a job at these places ASAP… Ask for waivers on late payments/interest for bills, get CoveredCA for health, etc.

Tough times for these folks.


If cases sweep through the fulfillment centers… oh boy

better quarantine your amazon package for few days before opening it

Just waiting for some idiots to have videos of themselves licking amazon packages like the ice cream thing

i think the’s a plane toilet seat coronavirus challenge, some kol go on a flight and lick the toilet seat coronavirus challege

found it

Thought stamp and envelope licking were gross back in the day, this toilet seat one takes it to a whole new level, with or without Corona.

Dallas also locked down.

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Houston too.


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Elon like Trump thinks coronavirus is a hoax

Many bay area companies asking essential staff (Operations, security, sales-customer facing and similar work) to come to office while other people are asked to work from home.

If those ppl caught it and get really sick I see lawsuit happening. How can they treat employees differently.