2021 IPO

Obviously it’s not yet 2021 but so many IPO’s are already waiting at the gate. We have AirBnb:

and Doordash:

but also a lot more!

Just saw San Mateo based gaming compnay Roblox filed one today:

San Francisco based fintech Affirm also filed one:

Redwood CIty based AI firm C3.ai:

Notice something? All are based in the Bay Area.

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Here’s an introduction to Roblox. Looks very interesting.

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Wow. Another Bay Area company!


And don’t forget Robinhood, they are quite certain for IPO soon:

Robinhood is gonna be absolutely HUGE. Imagine all the RH kiddies buying up RH shares…

Shares of Airbnb are slated to begin trading on the Nasdaq on Dec. 10 under the ticker “ABNB.” DoorDash, which will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “DASH,” is set to see shares start trading one day earlier.

Airbnb said in a filing last week that it planned to offer 51.9 million shares in its initial public offering at between $44 to $50 apiece. This would mean the IPO would raise about $2.6 billion on the high end, and give the company a fully diluted valuation of about $35 billion.

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Getting real!


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The one I am most excited about is Stripe. But alas they don’t seem to be in a hurry at all…


DASH opens at 182$…mind bogglingly mad. :astonished:
Shorts will be lining up for this one

Do people know grub hub is public and worth $6.6B? Door dash does have more revenue but not 6x more.

Amazon is famously not afraid to lose money on a new businesses. Even they stopped restaurant delivery.


Grubhub has little growth. Dash now has 51% of the market.

It’s easy to grow when you’re using easy VC money to subsidize prices for customers.

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DoorDash is being valued at 17 times revenue, assuming you take the last quarter and extend it over a year. By the same metric, Uber is valued at less than 8 times revenue, and GrubHub agreed to be acquired earlier this year for under 4 times sales. Lyft, which has a very limited food delivery business, trades for about 7.5 times revenue on that basis.

Another one today:

The offering on Thursday values the company at $47 billion on a fully-diluted basis.

Can it reach 100B on its first day?


Start-ups like Discord and Robinhood are raising more money at sky-high valuations, and then being inundated with new funding offers. Venture capitalists are fighting to get into deals. And as the delivery service DoorDash and the home rental start-up Airbnb prepare to go public this week, the bonanza of initial public offerings is likely to enrich and fuel Silicon Valley’s start-up boom even more.

“I haven’t seen anything like this in over 20 years,” said Eric Paley, an investor at the venture firm Founder Collective. “The party is as loud and the drinks are flowing as freely as the dot-com boom, despite that we’re all drinking at home and alone.”

After Discord, a social media platform, raised money in June valuing it at $3.5 billion, investors immediately called to give the company more funding, one person with knowledge of the company said. Now Discord is in talks to raise more and to double its valuation to $7 billion, said two people with knowledge of the talks, who were not authorized to speak publicly. Discord declined to comment. TechCrunch first reported on its new funding.

Discord is based in San Francisco.

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Damn! So close!!

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Welcome to irrational exuberance 2.0.

DoorDash is now valued at nearly $70 billion while Airbnb is worth more than $100 billion.

These type of valuation makes you wonder why traditional businesses like grocery, restaurants, auto, steel, oil, airlines, hotels, apparel, banks, … should be operating. All should just liquidate their businesses and plough proceedings into hot techs. We don’t food, beverages and energy. We need tech :man_shrugging:

Google (GOOGL) (now Alphabet), Facebook (FB) and Alibaba (BABA) were all profitable before their IPOs – and those three stocks have thrived.

Previous IPOs are ok.

yep. everything valued at 20x - 100x sales (not profit, but sales). Seems more inflated then what i remember from the .com days (I think it was posted earlier that Cisco topped at 33x sales before market crashed)