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uh well…the S1 says they’ll have 4.7 Billion shares outstanding after the ipo. That’s a lot of dilution!

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Did they say how long the hold up period is?

I can also see why former employees are so pissed off.
They were on track to having almost no losses at the end of 2018 with bringing in 3.6 B in revenue. 2.5 years later the numbers look quite bad.

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Don’t know about lockup period.

Another IPO in the pipeline:

What about estimates for 2020 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Airbnb, like hotels has been devastated by covid19. The concern of hosts and guests is lawsuits. I can’t imagine being a host without airbnb providing lawsuit insurance. Imagine dirtbag guests seeing how rich a host is suing for contracting covid19. Hard for host to prove they are innocent. Loose just by being sued. My friend has a vineyard in Morgan Hill with three airbnb suites. She recently had a guest bitch in a review how she did not feel the host was handling covid19 precautions properly. A set up for a future suit.

airbnb had problem during march, april period but bookings went to pre covid level around August. Confirmed from airbnb employee.

Airbnb doesn’t care about its hosts. They need to sue to get insurance coverage

Of course Airbnb doesn’t care about its hosts. Just like Uber doesn’t care about its drivers.

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whats the point of this IPO. Airbnb being public company will have to hire boat load of compliance staff for legal, financial and accounting. than Audited financial statements.
Uber and Lyft not being profitable when traveling was open and we are supposed to believe Airbnb can make money.
why not Craigslist with its short term rentals and all kind of buying/selling business.

Craigslist will never go public. Company doesn’t need external funding. It is one of the most profitable companies ever - very low operating costs, very sticky.