3 Levels of Financial Independence


What happened to @aalj? You had him down as uhnwi and now it’s deleted. Did you run into trouble with authorities again? :wink:


Maybe you should create a new thread to estimate ages :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s not as exciting as net worth.


@hanera, while I enjoy being in this list, dont think my dad would pass that much on to me, I will call him today and report back :slight_smile: lol. Take me off the list until then


Real estate bull is about my age, looks like. And 30m? Gotta work smarter…


Real work started back when you were a sperm. :smile:


I think there are more important measures of success that net worth. Plus it should be age weighted… the older you are the less value. Quality of life is number one.
Are you excited to get out of bed every morning? To me that is number one. The rest is just accounting…


I will be once i am done eith my side projects.


@tomato going out on a limb here but I am the youngest until proven otherwise to me via DM :slight_smile:


If you are so confident, Why dont you make it the main project :slight_smile:


I for one like to be the poorest in the room. Everyone buys me beer please. :beer:


I wont be richest. I will be happy when i wake up. I dont care about absolute number about wealth. As ling as i can do whatever i want without thinking, it is ok.

To me there is not much diff between 20m and 1b. I am a simple man, a very low maintenance one. I love in n out, i hate taking vacations. My wife likes fancy stuff, but she can be frugal too. That is my gold.


When you get to 20m you will know the difference between 20m and 1B. And you will want desperately to get to 1B.



So Much Yes! To me your satisfaction and relationship w/ family #1 along with Elt1’s comment about enthusiasm to get out of bed.

Very much yes! Little else makes me happier than my family enjoying what I cook for dinner, especially if what I cook happened to be on sale for $2.88 / lbs (Safeway choice-grade tri-tip 2 weeks ago).


Sure. There is always the greed part of me, but it wont affect my life. I enjoy simple things. I prefer working on a project over a fancy vacation - wife likes fancy stuff. We have a balance. It wont make a difference, though for me, other than satisfying my greed.


If it doesn’t matter for you give some to me. It matters a lot to me. :smile:


I think there is a direct relationship between age and net worth, the younger you are, the less it matters. I think we can set it at $1M per year. So a 60 year old with $40M is same as a 20 year old with $0 in terms of net worth. That means a 19 year old with $0 is actually worth more than a 60 year old with $40M.


I cooked scallops for my wife last night. $20 worth. She was way more satisfied than going to a $200 fancy meal at a restaurant. Cooking is one of the most satisfying endeavors in life.


Perfect. Hopefully I can live long enough to have my brain transplanted into a 19 year old body.


This is not a matching site :slight_smile: Go to the church or join Lulu’s site