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I looked up the definition of doxxing:

search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

I’m not sure if @hanera’s action fits that description. The information he posted is not private, but it is identifying for sure. Also, what is his intent? Maybe he can explaining further…


You are free to share, but you can’t force other people to share. Definitely no doxx please.

It’s perfectly fine to not share your identity, it’s also perfectly fine to share voluntarily


No one forced anyone to share anything. But we can agree that there should be no doxxing.

Also, it’s perfectly fine if you do share your identity.


Yes, you are doing a perfect job to share :joy:


And you are doing a perfect job to hide :rofl:


Well, both are perfectly legal and perfectly fine. Our world allows a wide range of things perfectly :rofl:


Yes so @hanera should have posted equivalent information about himself before posting that info about @ptiemann, just to be fair… otherwise people might come to the conclusion that his intent was malicious… :wink:


No, @harena can post anything about himself. But his postings about others are restricted.


No, it should not be restricted if it is public information. It could be a lack of self-awareness though.


The forum is like a party with many guests. Imagine one guest, upon learning another guest’s name, google his public information and announce to the whole room: hey people, this guy’s phone number is such and such and his businesss is so and so.

It’s not a legality question. People are free to look up public information. It’s more like an etiquette and ethical question. Besides it may make people uncomfortable. Therefore not cool.


Yes, agreed.

Although, nudists make most people uncomfortable. But they can’t seem to help themselves… :rofl:


100% agree with above. I don’t think @hanera’s intent was malicious. Maybe he got a little over enthusiastic about this online discovery. However, it can make people wary of posting freely on this forum if they feel their publicly available info can be linked back here. There’s a reason @manch didn’t make linking our LinkedIn and FB accounts mandatory here. Even though that info is public, it’s each poster’s prerogative whether they are comfortable sharing it here or not.


Yeah there is some arbitrary line and our standard is actually pretty lax. Like people swear, make occasionally racist and sexist comments, sometimes even personally attack each other. But doxxing seems to be an easy call.


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Poor @BAJacket


How much do you think he has?


Isn’t he one of the youngest here? He has lots of time.


tomato is younger by 1-2 years.
bulk is 40s, follow by 50s.


I don’t know. And I’m not sure if it’s better to be underestimated or overestimated in that list :slight_smile:


tomato and realestatebull are both younger than me, maybe harriet too…