51st state: New California

Who in New California will pay taxes? The top 1% pay nearly 50% of CA income taxes, and those people live in the blue area. I don’t get how they yellow area thinks they’ll fund themselves.

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Definition of fake news: this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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How much of the tax is spent in blue and red part of California?

That part I’m not sure. They don’t breakdown spending by county. 33% is K-12 though. I imagine not much of the yellow area creates enough property tax revenue to fully fund schools and relies on state money.

Medi-Cal spending is $105B which is state + federal money. My guess is a lot of that goes to people in the yellow too. There’s probably not many employers that offer healthcare in those areas.

Then why are they not happy? They should beg blue cal to not ditch them.

Some VC proposed the state of Silicon Valley as well.

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They clearly think the taxes they are paying are too much. I think a lot of people feel that way, because they are out of touch with spending per person. Only a tiny percent of people pay more than the government spends per person.

Everyone is for more taxes on the other guy…when taxpayers are out numbered by the recipients of benefits the whole system will collapse


The group cunningly includes SV in New California and leave SF :wink: out.

The group probably did a study. Blue spends more than tax collected obviously :grin:

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If SJ becomes a low tax, pro business place then it’ll really crush SF.

…but it won’t be a world class city.

Name FIVE ok name THREE (don’t want to be too harsh on you) things that are worth doing in San Jose proper that someone would be willing to fly there to do:

Sacramento and Salinas are in the blue California. San Jose and Palo Alto belongs to the orange California.

Seems that wealthy cities are classified as new Califonia.

Good schools
Safe neighborhood
Bigger houses and bigger yards


I think he is referring to entertainment scene. There are bars and massage parlor in SJ but it didn’t have sex clubs like those in SF. Male businessmen always tell their wives that they are going to SF for “business”. And male kids love to go to SF to “study” and “eat exotic” food.

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Except for Orange county

Charging the blue area for water.

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I definitely feel that way.

By that measure, Vegas would crush it. Who’d want to live there though? There’s a huge difference in tourism and desirable place to live.


Still stuck on #1 eh, @marcus335???

So what? Tell me those are positive attributes when you are old and can’t walk up stairs or take care of the yard. Again, did I force people to move up to SF? No, it is because the south bay simply doesn’t have the fun and culture that people want. That is the reality. Why else would companies offer Google buses to drive people from SF to work? 2+2 is still 4 people…