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7 5G Stocks to Buy as the Race for Spectrum Tightens

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Dividend income, way to go…AT&T increased dividend by 1 cent.


You have bought VZ and T. How come not INTC and SWKS?

INTC and SWKS was not in my buy list as I was looking 3% or more dividend stocks (VZ, T, AVGO, GIS, SYF, PFE…etc) other than FAANGs+TSLA.

The main reason for aiming 3% dividend is above 10-year Treasury return. Even if stock goes down, if I hold it until recovery, I will get 3%+ returns. The only compromise was AAPL.

I was not even considering MSFT at that time as the dividend was low.

On 12/26 with rush, I bought prime stocks like AMZN, VZ, T…etc, filled all my cash. I did not properly plan the allocation. Thereafter, I have not re-allocated as everything jumped. Missed NFLX and TDOC.

Even though I guessed the recovery, on 12/26, recession concern was main. Even if stock goes down further, I will get some nice dividends by holding stocks. I aimed very selective non-dividend companies and spreading the risk with high dividend stocks.

Avoided all semi-conductor stocks (INTC, SWKS, NVDA,LRCX,KLAC except AVGO - 4% dividend) based on MU responses (demand is coming down).

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5G is meh.


If 5G is not coming practically, Apple is out…This is the only recovery point for Apple as of date.

Huh? Why you are so fixated in 5G as a way to juice sale?

What is the driving force to buy new phone or new computers?

Many of the members still using iphone 5 or 6 versions, not changing it.

IMO, Speed, either cpu or network,resulting response times. The CPU speed is incremental between 6 or 8 or 10, not a major attractive point to buy new phone.

When 5G comes, major push will be there for buying phones and it will also increase apps response times.

Otherwise, the year over year growth will be flat with 3% to 6% range.

iPhone is already at plateau of S curve, sunsetting, 5G or not may not generate that much sale, yoy sale has been more or less stagnant since 2015. Better to focus more energy in pushing the stars and the wildcats.

I do agree on diversification, but that costs lot of money - challenge for companies. TC knows the pain !

5G coming is imminent and growing apps/sales in that known field is higher bottom line than new innovation.

WB’s sees candies an example of growth, WDFC is another example. Like them, Apple main product is consumer product, growth is based of speed, response time, applications.

5G is an opportunity for Apple to push super duper services and products, there should be some features or some services that Apple & its developers have in mind that will fly with 5G. Be patient. You get paid for waiting :slight_smile: I’m wondering what kind of healthcare services and products would 5G enable, don’t know enough of the healthcare market :blush:

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Who needs Huawei when we can just cheat our way to 5G. :smile:


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Top 5 Tech Stocks To Match My Top 5 Tech Trends For 2019

For 5G, VZ and QCOM.


For AI, BIDU again and NVDA ofc.

For IoT, SWKS.

For cloud storage, AMZN, MSFT and BABA.

XLNX is my 5G stock and it’s been doing alright.

China’s Stock Traders Are Snapping Up Everything 5G


Both China and US are easing. Free money will lift all assets.

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Guo, who holds Huawei’s rotating chairmanship, said Trump’s recent assertion that the United States needed to get ahead in mobile communications through competition rather than seeking to block technology was "clear and correct”.

“I have noticed the president’s Twitter, he said that the U.S. needs faster and smarter 5G, or even 6G in the future, and he has realized that the U.S. is lagging behind in this respect, and I think his message is clear and correct,” Guo said, speaking through an interpreter.

Did Huawei invent or develop 5G technology since we are lagging behind? It doesn’t make sense that copying the laggard can make you the leader.

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Did Huawei invent or develop 5G technology on their own since we are lagging behind? It’s unlikely that a leader would copy the laggard.

How many years will it take for US or European manufacturers to develop a comparable or better 5G technology? If it takes 5 years, how can US consumers tolerate a 100x slower network if Huawei is not allowed to sell in US?