7 Worst Vastu Home Features

Vastu Shastra is “Indian Feng Shui”. The two are surprisingly similar.

My mom has been telling me about overhead beams for years. I guess now I have to bow to her wisdom.

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  1. My house is in T junction
  2. It has 4’s in it.
  3. My kitchen is in southwest corner - that explains all the little arguments that I have with the wife.
  4. The house is L shaped.
  5. Has 3 or more doors in a straight line.

Boy, am I in trouble or what!


How come you are still alive??? :scream:


My mom also warned me about doors lining up in a straight line.


Obviously, I don’t take any of this stuff seriously BUT…

  1. I do dislike doors in a line. It makes the house feel empty because you’re always looking at a hallway not at a room or a living space. Your sight is on nothingness, rather than a place you are about to land.

  2. I can see not having a beam above your bed. You really are going to lie awake at night wondering what’s going to happen to you in the next earthquake.

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The problem is the customer. Unfortunately, one has to give the customer what they want whether “Vastu” or “Feng Shui” :expressionless:

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These are some of the bad fung shui that I know of:

  • no T section
  • avoid house at the end of a cul de sac
  • front door cannot face the “alley” between 2 houses across
  • no tree/pole in front of front door
  • front door cannot see through to rear door
  • bedroom doors cannot face another bedroom door
  • no beam overhead the bed

I thought it was no cul de sac period. Cul de sac = no way out.

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Also 10% more expensive because Americans love the quietness, hardly car traffic.

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Depends on how strict you are. I would just avoid the one at the dead end. I think the others are ok (although you have another issue with the irregular/pie shaped lot).

I am very strict (hence I haven’t been able to find my next one yet). I passed on a few houses which met all my other requirements but they were on cul de sacs.

Another one is a house with a driveway sloping uphill.

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because all the money would “run off”?

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Yes. Not a feng shui believer but I don’t want to buy a house that might deter potential buyers.

what about a house where someone died in it? I don’t think this one is a feng shui thing

If it’s a natural death (aging), I’m okay with it. Otherwise it’s on the blacklist.

Ghost walks downhill :grinning: the real environmental reason is water, stale air, whatever wastes are governed by gravity.

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My rental is on cul de sac and i bought it especially because of that. :slightly_smiling_face:
It is closer to the entrance side, thus, not on the real dead end.

I used to live on cul de sac and i really liked it.
Very little traffic with more friendly neighbors.

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are we talking about \/ or /\? house on a valley vs house on a hill

Referring to car porch slowing down to the house.

I don’t like corner houses either. Like @Elt1 noted some drunkard can crash into your house, plus there’s more foot traffic.

I also heard it’s best if the house is on a windy road (versus a straight one) for wealth accumulation.