AAPL vs STNE in five years Apr 8 (2019 to 2024)

AAPL vs STNE in five years Apr 8 (2019 to 2024)

This is for our learning and monitoring these two stocks for 5 years which takes higher ROI.

Please keep this thread exclusively to monitor these transactions.

Following the features/assumptions

$10000 each is invested in AAPL and STNE on same day Apr 8, 2019 and last day to monitor is Monday, April 8, 2024

Individual Tax is not accounted
Dividends are reinvested immediately (need hanera’s help for AAPL)
Closing price is only accounted.

This excel sheet will be updated on

  1. first working day or every month
  2. Next working day of dividend issued
  3. 2 days after every quarterly results (Next day after results is always volatile)
  4. Any split/merger happened, it will be updated after the date.

hanera may add any further details.

hanera, wuqijun = AAPL wins

jil = STNE wins.

Next update May 1, 2019.

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Is this forum going to be around til 2024?

Given STNE is Brazilian, chances of it beating aapl is very low.

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STNE is short for Stoned? Is it a marijuana stock? :heart_eyes:

That is what this post, let us find out which one wins !

Don’t think this forum will be around in 2024. Maybe a two year view is more appropriate.


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@harriet so mean… :rofl:


It is no longer a RE forum

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What’s your reasoning?

When people stop buying houses, will they come here less often, or more often?

Is an investment forum. Invest in yourself, in your children, in RE, in stocks, in your neighborhood.

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They come here for stock advice. But the stocks recommended like MU, Tesla and Stone seem like real turkeys.

Anyone like WDFC doubled since 2015? Dropped 6 today

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She is thinking the people in the forum would change through time. The oldies got bored, replace by new toilets. Already some oldies have posted much less and you see new faces. After 2 years, we might not be around and current new faces would be the new oldies.

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If what you said is true, she could be right :rofl:

housing market is now boring. When the excitement comes back, this forum will be more interesting. But stock is always 10x sexier than housing, even though the boring man is more reliable and more dependable

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Do you know STNE jumped this year YTD 100%, which I bought on Dec 26, 2018 high stake.

So far, both (STNE and TSLA) has given me realized gains almost one condo flip profit but in retirement non taxable until withdrawal !

You’re not a successful stock investor until your portfolio generates enough gain for you to buy a house in Palo Alto.

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@jil live in a mansion in Morgan Hill. Is bigger than my tiny Austin mansion. I need to convince my SO to buy a bigger one. Need to keep up with @jil

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Good time to sell. Small cap foreign stock. Highly volatile

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The amount I said was realized (sold) profit of year 2019. I hold TSLA and STNE equal to my profit realized only. My original amount is in cash position. Even if DIPs, I hold them, rather buy more.

I am just keeping good amount in cash to by both these stocks in case they come down heavily.

Regarding STNE (Small cap foreign stock), I do not have any concern as Warren Buffet has half billion in it and various big investors like Ant Financials, softbank etc has bigger stake.

In addition, the revenue/profit and fundamentals are really stronger. Except market volatility, nothing can make this company to down.

Let me join in Renaissance medallion fund first :rofl:

Buy here, equally good in Gilroy (buy and live)


This is good to flip with new builder (Nice location)