AAPL vs STNE in five years Apr 8 (2019 to 2024)


Still can be currency risk , plus political risk…Their government is a mess


In fact, US economy (and US market may go down soon) than other world economies (as they went down already). Potential issue is around US economy only.

STNE: Technology cloud service provider in emerging market. Brazil is 9th big economy in the world. Above all, Company is certified by big investors like Warren Buffet. I strongly believe he won’t take up IPO buyer position unless it guarantees a strong return.

Last two quarterly results are proven positive, no issue, no concern except regular volatility. This is the best company I can hold now. I do not have any concern at all.


I was thinking more of the forum shutting down. Haven’t seen any new faces, it’s the same group of 10 people or so.


If only you guys are more welcoming… :cry:


How can you blame us when you are the one who needs to do more marketing…


I’m already picking up the slack by posting articles, among other things. If it continues to be a group of 10 people or so I foresee this becoming a Slack or Facebook group of some sort in 2024, not a forum.

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Time to beg dragon to come back? :thinking:

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He’s not bringing in new people, if he comes back it’ll just be a group of 11, not 10. Whoopee do…


How about we transform this into a FB group then.


I know what you are thinking. No :unamused:


So funny. You are the one who suggested it in the first place… :rofl:


That doesn’t mean it’s my preference. If it turns into a Facebook group I’m leaving.


Dragon and tomato were active users. Looks like none of us are buying homes, after interest rate is up. Flipping is not so great when home prices are lagging. cyclical impact.


Everybody are selling houses to pump into cloud stocks :slight_smile: Hodl clouds. To the moon!


What are the cloud stocks exactly?


If it’s really only 10 people, we can have a WhatsApp group. Facebook has zero privacy.

Other than WhatsApp, what are other popular ways to form an anonymous group?


Any cloud stocks will do. Don’t bother to do FA nor care about whether they are really a cloud business or profitable. Just make sure it is hyped as a cloud stock. Is similar to dotcom era. Just make sure you run before the bubble burst.


Lyft is operated in the cloud, is it a cloud stock?


WS says it is, it is.

Below are the hottest ones,



Bitcoin is a real cloud product :joy: