Airbnb nightmare

For all you Airbnb investor fans watch out.

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That house is doomed. How much haircut does the owner need to take if they were to sell it?

Meanwhile Airbnb is banning “party houses”. Maybe putting a big house on Airbnb is just big no-no.

Gladly take it off their hands for the right price

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Vulture! :eagle:

That house is doomed to begin with. House number 114.

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Value investing? :joy:

WUT??? :scream: :scream: :scream:

This one:

Just like what I expected. 4000 ft house? What do you expect when you put that up on Airbnb?

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Multiple families with kids, plus the grandparents.

I remember looking at this house (on redfin) in 2017. Seemed like a great house for the price. Quite sad this happened.

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Party houses caused a ban on vacation home rentals in South Lake Tahoe by 2021. Bad tenants ruined it for everyone. Hard to screen out bad tenants.

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Seems like overall, everyone did what they could to keep this from happening. Landlord said no parties, neighbors called about the party, landlord observed partygoers coming on remote video and called the police. Sounds like he deserves to be banned for past infractions as well, but this kind of stuff is going to happen once in a while.

That is why Vrbo and Airbnb will be ineffect banned in Tahoe and many other places. Out of control renters have ruined the VHR market for everyone. Legitimate large groups, neighborhoods and businesses will be hurt by the ban. Basically young punks that think they can do whatever they want have destroyed the industry. Bans are occurring everywhere. Will definitely hurt future Airbnb business.

Santa Monica requires the host to live on the property. The only real way to stop parties and other annoying activities.

Santa Monica. This city has effectively wiped out 80% of its Airbnb listings by instituting the toughest regulations on short-term rentals in the U.S. The southern California city said it was spurred by overall increases in housing prices and dwindling housing supply. The new regulations, which have been effective since June 2015, require anyone putting a listing on Airbnb in Santa Monica to live on the property during the renter’s stay, register for a business license, and collect a 14% occupancy taxfrom users that will be payable to the city.


A real estate investor in distressed properties based in LA ran a nationwide scam org on Airbnb.


Airbnb CEO forced to do something for real this time. It has been turning a blind eye to scam artists preying on guests before.

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That was a long article but it really paid off if it got airbnb to address the scam listings on their website. The part about bait and switch to a replacement listing with similar pictures stood out because that is exactly what happened to me, except I was able to cancel the reservation in time.

Good to know airbnb is going to apply some more more resources to curb abuse though I think it will be difficult, especially in cases like the party house shooting. It sounds like that property owner was relying too heavily on local police for solving a problem he invited. If this were a personal residence, I’m sure he would have been more careful about its use.

I’ve had great experiences with airbnb with and without hosts present; ultimately it is on all hosts and their guests to be responsible for what happens on the property.


Party houses caused a complete ban in South Lake Tahoe. Airbnb, VRBO and others better screen more critically or bad guests will ruin their business. Neighborhoods are fed up with having unregulated hotels in residential areas

Where can people party?

They are on vacation and bbq, hot tub outside.
Have extra cars, noise and trash compared to local neighbors