AI's Investment Implications


UBNT and ANET are too good to hold for long, esp holding stocks. Since UBNT is small, it has better appreciation potential.


Only robots into a home :grin: Hoping that they can come up with more home robots :grinning:


They are also make of police and military robots ! I am not bullish on IRBT now.


Cyber and network security issues have been around since the birth of web, why such security software are not becoming features of Windows and MacOS, or part of networking companies such as CSCO? Why would cloud computing platforms find it worthwhile to include it now?


Security and OS are two verticals, they make money with these two branches. OS is enhancements to grow the company, Security is defensive, protecting from outside, daily evolving worldwide.


Wasn’t directed towards you specifically, but more towards Manch and Marcus.


Tesla and bidu suck. :face_vomiting:


Since I sold NVDA around $100, now praying that this AI stock would one day retrace to $100… jinxing it now :wink:


Are you saying while it is not logical to incorporate into OSes, it could be enhanced into cloud computing platforms? Do businesses want to trust those platforms that much? Hand everything to cloud computing platforms?


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Security features are part of the OS. My understanding is it’s faster to patch security software for new threats than patch an OS. When you do a windows update, a bunch of it is always for security updates.

For cloud, security needs to be part of the service. You need security of routers and network gear as well as servers. If a cloud provider had major security breaches, then they’d lose customers in the future. I think cloud security is more similar to server and application security. Security of individual laptops is less critical, since the critical data is on the servers.


Are you saying, networking hardware handles security for layer 1-3, cloud platform handles 4-5 and applications handles 6-7.
What layer is PANW handling?


I think 1-4 would be the networking gear. 5-7 would be on the server. This isn’t my area of expertise though. I do have some friends that are in the security sector though. They all expect the security firms to get bought by network for gear or cloud companies. They think that’s the future.

I think it’s similar to how backup was a product. It started with tape backup. Then there was hard drive backup with compression and deduplication algorithms. Now when you buy a cloud service backup isn’t even a discussion point or feature. It’s just part of the cloud architecture. I think security will end up that way.


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OS comes with basic security. Assume OS/cloud OS is simple home with doors, locks etc.

There are plenty of ways to enhance the home against attackers, with wired, wireless, dogs, fire-arms etc. Similarly, Cloud/OS are being broken day in - day out by worldwide, Security enhancements are required to that level.

Even though we use windows/mac etc, banks may have enhanced security than our windows/mac, same way security around cloud service providers are different.

Everything depends on application, usage and cost involved.


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