AI's Investment Implications


Remember Micron crashed after Morgan Stanley released a report last December about DRAM and NAND prices going soft? DRAM price actually up in Q1.

What Cramer said is the same old cyclicity argument.


I have a little bit of Nvidia. Not nearly enough.


I know. Commodity stocks all behave the same way. I am asking whether you agree or not?


Didn’t we go thru this a couple times already? If I agreed Micron wouldn’t be in this AI thread would it? The bull case for Micron is the new DRAM demand enabled by AI and constrained supply because of Moore’s Law slowdown.


Moore’s law slowdown is a very rich investment theme. That’s the force behind so many M&A in the semi sector in the last 5 years. Need to keep eyes and brains open to its implications and opportunities.

One thing I want to know is whether a slower Moore makes it easier or harder for the Chinese to catch up. Eddie Tam said it’s harder. I am not convinced.


Citron will be the winner, my side is with him!

Even after good results by JPM, CITI and WFC, stocks pulled them down. All sentiments are bearish and people will also pull NVDA down !!


TuSimple, which counts US chip maker Nvidia as an investor, is among dozens of Chinese autonomous truck start-ups that have launched over the past two years. The use of autonomous driving in logistics operations is seen as safer because the vehicles drive in restricted areas where there are fewer, if any, pedestrians, unlike city driving where cars coexist with humans.

“We are preparing for a full commercialisation by 2020,” said Xue Jiancong, assistant president of TuSimple, adding that the company will continue its research in cooperation with major truck makers in China and the US for autonomous truck production.


MU is under assaulted by a technician, Why Micron’s Stock Is Running Out of Gas

Micron’s stock chart shows a stock that is trending lower since peaking before the fiscal second-quarter results on March 22. The trend line has been forming over the past several weeks, and technical resistance around $52.25 has been tough for the shares to rise above, despite several attempts. It seems likely that should shares continue lower along this downtrend, that the stock could test support at the April 6 low around $47.25, a drop of nearly 9% from its current price. This would give the stock a decline of over 25% from the highs.

Causes MU to drop AH


No, Micron dropped because of Lam Research. LRCX dropped 6.6% after earnings.


Declining below 50-day SMA means Michael Kramer is correct.


Zacks highlight MU as the bull of the day reverses the bad vibe from LRCX.


Dean is also excited about automating artificial intelligence—using machine-learning software to build machine-learning software. “It could be a huge enabler of the benefits of machine learning,” Dean says. “The current state is that machine learning expertise is relatively in short supply.”

Google dubs that meta-AI project AutoML. Dean says Alphabet’s self-driving car division Waymo has been testing the technology to improve its vision systems. AutoML is also at the core of a new cloud service of the same name that helps companies create customized image-recognition systems.

Longer term, Dean thinks automatic AI could enable robots to figure out how to cope with unfamiliar situations, such as opening a type of bottle cap they haven’t seen before. Despite successes on narrow tasks, AI researchers have struggled to make machines capable of many different thing. Dean says AutoML could bring about “really intelligent, adaptable systems that can tackle a new problem in the world when you don’t have exposure of how to tackle it.”



they must be going into bitcoin mining business.


Can I invest in AI talents? Get a cut of their salary? The outstanding ones got to hop around with doubling of pay each time.


You already do by being a landlord. Buy more houses if you want a bigger cut.


gotta get into mu again.


AI’s biggest investment implication may be that hardware is hot again. So South Bay RE is outperforming SF in the last few years, reversing the trend since around 2005?

Hardware companies used to be boring but the hottest performer of the last few years is Nvidia. Obscure company like Lam saw their stock triple in 2 years. All these pour gasoline on burning South Bay fires.


I wonder if this is for VR applications. Then you wouldn’t have to pair the VR device with a Samsung phone.


The FB chip thing? Occulus doesn’t need pairing, no? Were you thinking something else?

I think (and hve been saying this for some years now) FB will cut its loss on VR, and move on.