AI's Investment Implications


IMO, normal short term cycle points around $160 or worst case $158 before going back. This has to happen before the results declared, otherwise, AAPL won’t touch these figures.

It is not WB or TC who brings apple down, as both a pro-AAPL, but economic activities like FED will bring down or market sentiments brings down.

See GOOGL, even after good results, After market jumped and then came down to almost same level.


I think macro forces could tank the market 10-20% from here…Trump is erratic and could be impeached…World events can also affect the market…Aapl and other good long term hold stocks will be good buys if the market tanks…interest rates can also spook the market…


I can’t resist chasing momentum, bought $million around $24. Is trading almost 10% lower, lost a bundle on paper but would like to get it back from pali… do you know of any good attorney?


SK Hynix’s Earnings Contradict UBS On Micron $HXSCL


UBS’ report smells like market manipulation.



China is leading in deployment but not fundamental AI research :slight_smile:

Singapore is very desperate for AI specialists too, now any Singaporeans who are smart enough to do doctoral research in CS especially AI will be paid a salary more than twice the starting pay of a SWE :slight_smile: Too bad, I’m too old. No string attached, MUST be a Singaporean :slight_smile: Singapore is very determined to join the AI race.


Send your two boys home. But wait they will have to do the draft.


More Chamath!

Maybe I will buy some next week.


it is gonna sound very funny, but at 3b$ market cap, it sounds cheap for a tech stock. funny, because i have no idea about their market, nor do i care.


I can sell some of mine at $24 a pop.



Apple, Tesla, Honda and Uber are dead last. GM leads on both strategy and execution.


This type of study is totally off. Good for submitting as essay for MBA. I did tons of such studies during MBA.


Tomorrow is judgement day for Tesla! :smiling_imp:


Are you waiting for the stock to crash?


Hmm, how are GM and Ford leaders? They are old, old companies.



Followed Chamath and initiated a position in Box.


• Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) drops 1.7% aftermarket on Q1 results that beat EPS and revenue estimates with a 66% Y/Y revenue growth. Upside Q2 guidance has revenue of $3.04B to $3.16B (consensus $2.95B) and non-GAAP gross margin of 63.5%, plus or minus 50 bps.

• Segment revenue: GPU, $2.78B (+77% Y/Y); Tegra Processor, $442M (+33%).

• Revenue by market platform: Gaming, $1.72B (+68%); Professional Visualization, $251M (+22%); Datacenter, $701M (+71%); Automotive, $145M (+4%); OEM and IP, $387M (+148%).

• Key metrics: Non-GAAP gross margin, 64.7% (+510 bps Y/Y); operating expenses, $648M (+25%); cash and equivalents, $7.3B; accounts receivable, $1.22B; cash flow from operating activities, $1.45B; FCF, $1.33B; capital expenditures, $118M.

• Capital return: In Q1, Nvidia returned $746M to shareholders. In FY19, the company intends to return $1.25B through dividends and share repurchases.


A good article surveying the lay of the land for AI chips:

Is NVIDIA Unstoppable In AI?

tl;dr: Yes.