AI's Investment Implications


What is the subtle difference?


sorry - didn’t see it :slight_smile:


Micron’s 52w high was 64.66 reached back on 5/30. Today it closed at 51.48. Fell just a hair over 20%. Officially in bear market. :cry:


“China accounted for more than 50 percent of Micron’s revenue in fiscal 2017”

If this is true and Micron is blocked sales 3 months, they will have real issue. As news spread, MU will likely tank.This can really hurt the share holders.


20 days later, $54.29.

Wait for breakout or BTFD here?
Didn’t do anything because I slept in watching IQIYI, blame manch for introducing such as a good entertainment site. Btw, how come no Cantonese shows?


I just started buying MU calls again. Already had some. Think I will more than double my calls.

My wife actually watches more Youku than IQ but they may have similar shows. Cantonese is too small a market. Even Guangzhou people don’t speak much Cantonese no more.


have been buying nflx. Either i will laugh all the way to the bank, or will cry really hard.


NFLX is not obviously undervalued. MU is.


Yes, I also have some MU.
I actually bought way more NFLX calls than I Was planning. It really was a fat finger…


$53.09 is within the triangle.

Another article where the writer doesn’t walk the talk, It Is Time to Buy MU Stock on Weakness

So, all in all, for investors looking at MU stock, it still looks like a buy.
As of this writing, he did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

No new info, just summary of what others had said. Same info, can conclude as buy or sell depending on what you feel like saying.


I bought some calls this morning. Will buy more tomorrow.


You should have bought IRBT calls.



I have zero conviction for iRobot.


“There also is a general trend in the semiconductor market that Apple’s CFO said will become a bigger earnings driver in the next year: memory chip prices are falling fast.”


Who does this reduction in chip prices affect ? Micron?


Please don’t curse my 1000 MUs, pretty red now.


“Memory” can mean DRAM or flash. Flash price is indeed falling fast but not DRAM. Samsung just said their memory demand is very strong in their earnings call.


If flash price is dropping fast, their MBPs are overpriced :frowning: Apple is making lot of money from fast dropping prices.


Apple’s flash pricing is highway robbery! :rage:


Isn’t there way more Flash used in the world now than DRAM?