AI's Investment Implications


3D flash like 96 layers boosts capacity. There’s no similar breakthrough in DRAM.


MU continues to tumble! From pretty green to pretty red in just …

Einhorn Drops Stakes in Apple, Micron, Twitter

Einhorn raised cash… to meet margin calls? Sell winners? Not cut losses?

Greenlight lost about 5.4% in the second quarter, for a year-to-date (YTD) loss of 18.3% through June. That contrasts sharply with broader market gains—the S&P 500 was up 2.6% YTD at the end of June.


4.8 pe :frowning: I am holding MU for as much as i can. Not sure where to sell :slight_smile: Probably not sell for over a year or so.


Good that I am still beating Einhorn’s performance. :smile:


MU is at support. Dropping below, the next support is at $45 and then $37.50. Previously, I mentioned I would long calls if drop to $45, I am wavering now. Would long calls at $37.50.


will you buy calls at 37.5?


US, China Look to Mend Trade Relations: 5 Winning Picks

Owned MU and CAT

Micron Technology, Inc. MU derived 50% of its revenues from China in 2017. Prolonged tensions with China could harm the stock significantly.

Micron has a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) and VGM Score of A. The company’s expected earnings growth for the current year is more than 100%. The Zacks Consensus Estimate for the current year has improved by 0.9% over the last seven days.


China Banned 26 micron products temporarily, that I see an issue as this is blocking sales.

Regarding trade talks about china, it is always challenging, but not blocking Micron to Sell/Buy from China. Even if there is some tariff added by both China & USA, still they can sell (at reduced level) and profit margin reduced.

Micron is at its low point, I guess.


Bought additional 500. now 1500, definitely passed wuqijun’s $50k, 1500*48.07 :grin: Yesterday’s low is $45.62

Micron Technology and NVIDIA Are Sitting on a Potential Gold Mine by Harsh Chauhan of TMF


MU is your biggest position ex-Apple?


S&P Index fund
Rest below $50k.
Should I pump TCEHY to $50k?


Pump 10c to 500k.


What about FB?


$1M on FB.


Pick Nvidia Stock over Micron for Higher Risk and Higher Reward by Vince Martin of InvestorPlace has an interesting take on NVDA vs MU.

The chart is ugly, and there’s a case for selling puts on MU stock as a hedged entry. Still, even if the market is right that Micron earnings are going to decline, a 4x multiple already is incorporating a huge cut. And that leaves MU looking like an attractive play for value investors.

The case for Nvidia is that its upside probably is greater than that of Micron – which might seem counterintuitive given the massive gap in earnings multiples. But Nvidia is going to grow in a way that Micron probably can’t.



You got a facelift after Sau Wing Lam this time?


That’s the crazy rich Asian who bought the LA Times. Geez, I though you are on top of everything?


I know, but he looks like Sau Wing Lam…


Billionaire Ken Griffin Takes a Massive Bet on Micron (MU) Stock; Slams Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

For Q2, Griffin ramped up the fund’s Micron holding by a whopping 199%. He snapped up 5,643,853 shares taking the fund’s total stake in the chip giant to 8,480,541 shares valued at $444.72 million.


Note that 2 of my top 3 (excluding AAPL & index fund) is AI related :slight_smile: MU and IRBT.