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Micron: This Is Absurd by Quad 7 Capital of Seeking Alpha.

In our opinion, what we are seeing is absurd and temporary. With the present valuation, coming share repurchases, and Chinese sales fears being overblown, we think the stock should easily trade back above $50. With earnings due out in a few weeks…Using our super-conservative valuation, there’s at least 21% upside. In our opinion, Micron stock could be good for a trade, but also makes for an ideal medium-term investment.

Just an opinion of an opportunistic trader. For investors, do your own DD, don’t be influenced by traders.

The stock is still in a longer-term uptrend, but the last few months have had a bearish bias. In the near term, we have highlighted $46 as a strong line of support, and it’s being challenged today heavily with shares well under this mark. From here the next level of interest is $42.90. This is a level we would be heavy buyers. Finally, $37.50 is the last level of support which we do not believe will be breached should the fundamentals hold up.

Everybody can see $37.50 is unlikely to be breached and might not be there.
Sound like he plans a multi-month trade, buy at $42.90, stop below $37.50, sell above $50.
He is willing to take a potential 15% loss to gain a potential 30% :slight_smile:


Decade long is still up, and need to decline below $14 to break it.
manch would say not good because it means cyclical :slight_smile:


NAND prices are dropping too. It seems memory is still a commodity.


NAND has been dropping for awhile.




I believe in AAPL. Just thinking of mistresses. Is MU a good mistress? Or is it a gold digger?


I believe in law and order



AMD tumbles… Parabolic rise halted?


Taking a break. I exited out. Waiting for another chance. I still like the long term fundamentals.


• AMD’s (NASDAQ:AMD) recent winning streak is over with shares down to the lowest levels in seven months with no new catalyst.

• AMD recently hit 12-year highs with shares up almost 50% in the past month.

• Shares of AMD were the most actively traded on the S&P 500 index today with a volume of over 280M shares. Micron (NASDAQ:MU) came second, though its price was heading in the other direction.

• AMD shares are currently down 5.7% to $30.54.


Was thinking of shifting the GTC BTO calls at $37.5 to higher… Totally forgotten (distracted) to check whether a bullish divergence has developed. Buy 2mrw at higher price?


I will just wait for the the earnings call to see what the deal is. You better have tons of good reasons to bet against the market. Also 50 day looks about to cross the 200 day on the down side.


Down volume also higher than up volume.


Death cross is not sure to happen. In many cases, by the time it indicates death cross, has already bottomed.
In any case, the bounce might be up to $50-$52 only. Sufficiently profitable to long calls :slight_smile:


I don’t like catching bottoms. Much rather wait for some uptrend to be in place first.


Just wear some tough gloves :slight_smile: Btw, change your photo, you look weak, you are much tougher looking now.


That’s my boyish scholar look. No good?


Jared talks David Tepper: Still long on MU

Shares of Micron may be treading in bear territory - but one legendary investor and Wall Street heavyweight says he’s still ‘very long’ on the stock.

Jared Blikre on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange talks David Tepper of Appaloosa Management not giving up on Micron.

Buy n hold (hopefully forever) investors should buy :rofl:. Traders use your own rules.

While David Tepper is bullish on MU, he is skeptical of the stock market rally, he thinks we are in the last innings (frankly, I don’t understand what is innings and the related sport, blindly quote words that I don’t understand, everybody seem to understand is what matters).