AI's Investment Implications

Jensen be like

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told analysts on the company’s earnings call that the graphics giant is at an “inflection point,” and said that A.I. technologies and its ilk, are akin to the iPhone in technological importance.

“Ultimately, the [computing] intensity of A.I. is far greater than conventional computing. So I think the revenue that’s associated with A.I. will be directly proportional to the computing opportunity here we see long term,” Simpson said. “The promise of this technology goes way beyond a chatbot so to speak.”

Every business want to compare with iPhone :slight_smile:

Tim Cook wants desperately to recreate the iPhone magic but no luck. He’s not a visionary like Jobs and Huang.

Nobody has re-created iPhone magic yet. Only claim to be.

Jobs was responsible for 5:

The original Mac

Tim Apple is too weak. Just financial engineering.

If you count iPod and iPad, then Tim created…


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These two have far less cultural influence than anything Jobs created. AirPod is not bad but the watch is just a medical device with zero fun.

Signature of a good Apple product: fun.

Don’t feel bad. @manch is the guy that said Beyond Meat’s IP was worth billions.

Zuck is going all in.

Elon is joining the fight. Jensen is laughing all the way to the bank.

Just wait for Google AI. It’ll be so woke that it doesn’t do anything for fear of offending someone.

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Can’t believe Microsoft is the most aggressive big tech company when it comes to AI. And it was founded in 1975, almost 50 years ago. Meanwhile Google is paralyzed by “AI safety”.

Google is far too woke. Also, the employees think the CEO works for them. How the hell do they think Google afford their compensation packages? It needs to make profits and lots of them. They want google compensation while expecting the company to behave as a non-profit. It’s insane. They’re having serious brain drain of senior leaders leaving.


Both Meta and Google pay their employees so much that even though they are in a money-printing business, their stock prices underperform QQQ over a 9 year duration… a decade long bull market.

Ditto for 1 year, 2 year and 5 year duration.

That is, good for employees, bad for investors.

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Are you laughing at EM or the cult? We can’t verify it so he can easily claim without any potential suit.

I don’t make fun of any religion.