AI's Investment Implications

How many “own it don’t trade it” stocks does Cramer have? Apple, Nvidia and what else?

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Four horsemen of AI :slight_smile:

Is NVDA the first to hit ATH?

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How to ride the AI waves by Carl Quintanilla.

What are the devices and services? ChatGPT is not a service? What GOOG, MSFT and META doing are not services? I am confused. AI sequence seems to be opposite to mobile internet.
Services (kicked start by ChatGPT) then Infrastructure (Data Center) then Chips (NVDA, AMD)

What they meant is AI spread to ordinary people, not just limited to corporate and technical world.

Dan like AMD better than NVDA. Any views? I don’t own any AMD or any chip stocks. He likes PLTR :money_mouth_face: Soundhound??? Contact center plays… NICE? What about TWLO?


AMD is much cheaper than NVDA. I expect AMD will see a lot of catchup move. But NVDA actually has more software engineers on its payroll than hardware engineers. Its CUDA software stack lets software guys program right on the metal. That is a big moat for NVDA.

Microsoft will be bigger than Apple. It is super agile and will dominate AI for business software. I have no view on Palantir.

Who will dominate the personal side? I think Meta will. Even if Zuck can’t pull off the VR goggle, he can infuse some AI elements in Instagram and Facebook. They will be slightly tweaking reality, like changing the backgrounds of someone’s photo and video, or inserting new characters. VR Metaverse is creating an entire fake environment, but with AI Zuck can slightly tweak it in people’s photos and video. Sort of a light-weight Metaverse if you will.

Zuck is already using AI in its ad server. Apple doesn’t allow Meta to track people. But with AI Zuck can predict (not track) which ad works and which ad doesn’t. Another vector for Zuck to employ AI.


Tiny SF startup > 2nd biggest company on the planet.

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I told you SWEs in MSFT are crappy moons ago. Many SWEs in mega caps earn mega pay for mediocre work.

I firmly believe there’s an optimal team size for effectiveness and efficiency. There’s a pint where adding people just increases the organizational overhead and slows down progress.

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Jensen worth 38B now.

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Nvidia is not just making chips. It also hosts LLM in the cloud in direct competition with the hyperscalars. AI as a Service, AaaS.


It’s interesting. AI talent doesn’t want to work for banks. That has to be bullish for Fintech.

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You can tell Baidu is a garbage company.

A 200% return is meaningless when the invested amount is tiny. You honestly don’t understand anything about this. It’s’ amusing to watch you think you’re an expert.

AI stocks continue to :rocket:

Wow, market cap of TSLA is even less than META. So is only higher than NFLX in FANGMANT.

If you feel that I invested tiny and worthless person, you would have simply ignored my comments.

This shows how you are jealous on my strength!

Ontology explained in simple terms.

Palantir software is more generic and has wider applicability than CRM… infinite TAM… below are some applications…

Palantir can even help in re-building a nation…

Palantir is a potential $1T company.


Tom Nash has an answer for you. He is a long term buy n hold investor.

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Why isn’t apple dependent on Nvidia? Because Apple doesn’t do AI?


Apple has an AI chip.

Apple’s custom AI coprocessor drives features like media analysis and computational photography on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV make use of a specialized neural processing unit called Apple Neural Engine (ANE) that’s way faster and more energy efficient than the CPU or GPU.

ANE makes possible advanced on-device features such as natural language processing and image analysis without tapping into the cloud or using excessive power.

AI is a pillar in Apple.