AI's Investment Implications


Nvidia has just surpassed Apple.

We plan to take profits again in the $1225 to $1315 range. Nvidia is trading in this potential topping zone, at time of writing. Once price moves below $1035, it will signal that the anticipated reversal is underway. Once this happens, our process allows us to get more precise with identifying buy targets. Until then, we have a general range between $920 - $715. Keep in mind, this range can shift once a reversal is identified.

For some stocks, we get more aggressive and would try to time a buy in the lower range of the target zone, which would be around $715 for NVDA. However, due to the strength of its thesis, we will likely buy at the upper end of that target around $920.

EWT: Sound about right.

No fanfare?

Everybody talking about iPhone super cycle. What about iPad super cycle? Apple Intelligence would make iPad an indispensable device to own. Calculator gives us a glimpse of what future could be like.


Apple is 4 yrs ahead of the curve for on- device inference. Is Tim Cook’s fault if Apple loses that lead or couldn’t capitalize on this with Apple renowned hardware-software-service ecosystem.

The AI race is likely be a two-horse race for the next 5-10 years… which one would yield higher return? Which one would hit $5T market cap first? hit $10T market cap first?
NVDA is king of the enterprise and server space.
AAPL is king of the consumer and on-device space.
Ofc, we can’t rule out the other Mag7. Also, I believe cybersecurity stock like CRWD would yield fairly good (may be even higher because of their smaller market cap) return.

Three risks to NVDA’s domination…
a. GPU free AI
b. Caching
c. Apple’s on-device AI

The next AI play is AAPL :money_mouth_face:

Apple could have won the AI arm race because Apple intelligence is AI for the rest of us.

Observation: Apple bears are in denial

Logic deduction or by a person who miss the NVDA train?

A new king was born today.

New supercycle?