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I sat through a Canadian college webinar. The presenters said UBC hired an American as admission chief and their process is slowly converging towards the American standard, i.e. more of a “holistic” approach than just looking at grades. It hasn’t affected the other big name schools yet.

I think the Big 4 Canadian CS schools: UBC, Toronto, Waterloo and McGill have very good brand recognition here in the Bay. Although I did hear Toronto is pretty brutal towards their undergrad. Overcrowded and not a lot of handholding, like a UC school.

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Soon there will be nowhere to go for the “best and brightest”

Better grab 'em while you still can!

Wow, you don’t say. I would never have guessed that. Yet, the US is doing the exact opposite with victim and entitlement mentality being taught to kids.

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Courage and energy :grinning:
Perseverance requires courage and energy :roll_eyes:


Oh come on, don’t like 90%+ of the world’s economists believe rent control is bad, very bad …yet here we are!!! (sorry, didn’t mean to go off on a tangent… well, yes i do. my apologies)


Colleges Should Bring Back Testing Requirements , Plummeting student performance shows the consequences of abandoning standards

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“Average ACT scores have declined every year since 2018, while the share of students failing to meet college readiness standards in any of its four subject areas — English, math, reading and science — has increased by 7 percentage points. With the exception of Asian students, teens of every race perform worse now than they did five years ago.”

I don’t think anyone should be surprised by this. Studies show Asians are the strongest believers that hard work is rewarded.

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Ok. I admit it, I’m soft on my kids. And after watching how my hardest working, smartest kid did in college admissions, I don’t know why they should even bother trying anymore.

There isn’t just a crisis in K-12 education, there’s a crisis of faith in colleges and universities.

Again, this is just the first step or hurdle your kid(s) will face in life. So, should they stop? Of course, not!!! Like I said before, I would rather take a hungry, public university grad over a lazy ivy leaguer any day.

But why bother with school? Do you really need to know World history if you’re going to be working as a carpenter or a barista or start your own company even? Why waste your time? Go get a job.

And frankly, if you want to improve your chances at getting into schools - any schools - take up a hobby, and get really good at sports. The schools aren’t interested in the nerds unless they have a lot of extracurriculars. (Which is really the point of the article isn’t it?)

Well, I think you would agree that college curriculum can be way more defined towards your major. The problem still is that some companies, like the one I work for, will not look at you if you have no college diploma. Have to still play the game until the game is completely changed…

If they knew what was going on in college admissions, I wonder if they’d change their mind about requiring a degree.

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This has huge implications for Asians and white people who are blatantly discriminated against in college admissions.


Just got back from visiting my son in Canada. He says that in Canada, people apply to 3-4 colleges, not the 16-25 that non-minority US students now have to do just to ensure they have somewhere to go. They were completely shocked at what US students are going through.

Not only is it less stressful (and their applications don’t necessarily require you to do the essays either - you only get dinged a couple of points on your application if you don’t), but you know where you stand because your admissions are evaluated mostly on your grades (with a weighted adjustor for how hard your school is), so you pretty much know where you should and shouldn’t apply.

It’s like out of a dystopian novel in the US - the most advanced students with perfect GPAs are the ones who aren’t getting into college…

Most regretted college majors vs least regretted.

Some surprises: biology is one of the most regretted majors, and psychology one of the least regretted.


Education and Journalism also top 10. Where’s history?

Lots of history majors in law right? And apparently criminology is a good major? What do they do?

My niece has a history degree from Yale. Cost maybe $200k. She is 39 and makes jewelry in her parents basement. Pretty much can’t support herself. I don’t understand why loans are given to students that choose majors that aren’t needed and don’t pay a living wage. The only choice for people with these liberal arts degrees to possibly make real big money is law school. And only half of law school students actually get jobs as lawyers.

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