Amazing Amazon

Please clarify. AAPL passed GOOGL market cap years ago and GOOGL still can’t reverse it despite Apple is shrinking its market cap by buying back shares. Since GOOGL’s IPO, it is better to invest in AAPL than GOOGL.

Especially before the lucky Iphone EIGHT comes along with its vaping capabilities (smoking is not condoned)!!!

Past performance is not indication of future performance. Just wanting to clarify misleading comparison by media… always claim GOOGL is catching up with AAPL in market cap but the truth is GOOGL market cap is way higher than AAPL when it first IPO.

There goes my (early) retirement… :sob:

Amazon is still far away from $3 trillion market cap. We have a 1000% upside potential.

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This time, except QCOM, everything worked as expected. I sold AMZN today before release at 840 ! Remember I amzn was coming up since $750 without any reason to $840 today. Even though the results are good, people are taking profit by selling it now.

It is good to buy when it dips further, unable to judge how low it will go.

Apple alone left from profit taking only by buffet magic ! I saw his magic in BAC, he bought it for $5 in 2008, and realized the benefit with AAPL by holding it.

Any banks will do. C, WFC, GS… all perform great.

Google has a more valuable brand.

Hmmmmm,Bought again AMZN at 809 !


What make you so sure it won’t retest $710?

Amazon results are really good, but many investor speculated about Amazon, was buying heavily on the day of result announcements. That may make a fall of 3% or 4% down, but not a real fall. If the results were bad, it would have fallen 10% or 12%.

Another indication, look at Finviz (Picture attached) indicates Multiple Tops. Normally, when such things happen, it is bound to fall. Last one year, I have seen one rare exception for this double top or multiple top pattern.

This was shown even on Results day morning. Amzn may go down and up, but long term the stock is going to go up. Same thing happened with FB and GOOGL.

Since Amazon results are good, I bought them now. It is unlikely to touch $710. I bought GOOGL and FB too after their fall.

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I guess if it touches $710 buy more then? Amazon is almost famous for its volatility. It’s very tough to be long term holder in Amazon. I actually need to go read their annual report to see what’s going on…

Definte buy, but depends on reason ! Amazon is not volatile like TSLA.

Most of the gaps for AMZN are runaway and breakaway gaps i.e. follow the direction of the gap. Most of the time, need 3-5 days after a gap to see the trend. Since I plan to trade using options, too risky for me to do anything now. Is ok to buy shares if investing in long term via shares, for option trading, need clearer trend.

My AMZN is also long term,but when I clearly see AMZN is going to fall, I was tempted to take some profit (pay tax too !). Since I made some loss on XOM and CVX, I sold AMZN to equate loss=gain to zero.

Are you bearish on oil stocks? I am still holding my oil stock purchased from Feb last year (the dividend is bonus).

Both XOM and CVX, I lost 5% and same gained by AMZN, break even. This is mainly wash sale, but will buy oil stocks soon.I will buy both CVX and XOM later point for dividend purpose.

Feb 2016 is the best low priced oil stocks. You will never get another chance like that at least until next downturn. You see how much all oil raised since then.

IMO, Oil has reached bottom in Feb 2016 (like real estate 2008 ) and there is no need to sell any more as dividends will cover life long and growth is sustained.

I own BP stock strictly for the dividend…Pays over 6%…the dividend pays my annual gasoline bill. .It is a hedge…especially if we get inflation

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For an option trade, I’d wait for Amazon to build a long enough base to form a cup and handle pattern. There’s a risk of a double top right now. Wait for a break above $850. You’ll have plenty of the move left, and there’s much less risk of being wrong.

I don’t see any reason for oil to go higher. US rig counts are already increasing again. I don’t believe OPEC will stick to output limits. They always end up trying to cheat each other.

US and China are biggest consumer of oil. When US (Trump) does not account oil/crude imports as expense (or VAT), there is a big impact on oil imports, especially overseas oil production, but will strengthen local oil production companies.

US tax policy is a game changer for many companies. Until congress comes with clear policy, we do not know the correct future. On any case, Looks like oil was bottomed in Jan/Feb 2016.

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