Amazing Amazon


What next, @Elt1? Amazon’s chain of strip clubs???


Oh, heck no…



What amazes me is the type of delivery people working for Amazon.
3 days ago I had to avoid a car with its blinkers on parked on the middle of the street. As soon as I passed it, I saw a bunch of taped up boxes and I assumed it was from Amazon. The windows rolled down, easy for anybody to grab a box.

I parked on my driveway, and 30 minutes later I go to check on the weed growing too high on the side of the mailbox, the bad weed, so you don’t get the wrong idea :joy:

What do I see there? the same car, windows rolled down, I could have easily grabbed a box or two. :smile:

Oh, I forgot, later on the mail carrier, friend of mine, told me that he had seen the lady, the driver, doing the same in some areas where there are hundreds of apartments, so easy for anybody to grab whatever. I know what I am saying he said, because once or twice he had to send somebody to jail for that. :tired_face:


Why do people risk jail time for a box that they have no idea what is in it. Highly unlikely that the retail value is more than $100… street value maybe $20… seems pathetic
And frankly hard work selling the stolen junk
Just look at Craig’s list. … used stuff has no value

They can easily make $20/hr mowing lawns
Just plain stupid and lazy…



Really??? How come a used home sells for so much more than when it was new??? :laughing:


The value is in the land…
Stuff like consumer goods lose value fast. How much is your iPhone 5 worth?


The lawn growing business has gone downhill since the creation of artificial turf and families that only play online, not outside.








Well, how do you expect me to hold onto the Richest Man In The Universe title???


Jeff “God” Bezos



Now that is what I call a dedicated employee who wants to go non-stop for hours delivering the goods to customers!!!


Jeff “God” Bezos


What is going on, Jeff???


OMG, what next? “Chinese restaurant owners in a panic since Bezos picked up Chinese cooking as a hobby…”