Amazing Amazon


What dip…


If Amazon won’t dominate for long, why buy into this hype? ? All they do is buy market share…No dividends…They are growing a levithan that will eventually get too big and be broken up. .Why not share the wealth before the government kills the party?


It was $750 last fall.


For a few hours Thursday, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos beat out Bill Gates to become the world’s richest man.

After the market opened Thursday, Amazon (AMZN) shares rose 3% to a peak of $1,083.31, driving Bezos’ net worth to $92.3 billion compared to Gates’ $90.8 billion as of Wednesday’s close, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. By Thursday afternoon, Bezos was back in second place as Amazon shares slid 0.7% and dropped further after its earnings disappointed investors.

Bezos has executed a meteoric rise up the billionaires list, a testament to the growing might and wealth of the Seattle company he runs.

Microsoft co-founder Gates, 61, has held the top place in the billionaire list since May 2013. Just a year ago Bezos, 53, was No. 5 on the list. In March, he surpassed Warren Buffett of investment conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway as the No. 2 wealthiest.

But on Thursday their places swapped, boosted by Bezos’ 17% stake in Amazon shares, which have rallied 40% in the last year on Amazon’s domination in both cloud computing and e-commerce.


Amazon is wicked smart. It now has half a million people under its payroll, in all 50 states. I don’t think these voters will take it kindly if any pols want to take their jobs away.


But the delivery guy will kill you…:sweat_smile:


Me no understand. Long enough yet not long enough… simple.


I have never used Amazon…


Really? Amazon provides many items, esp OEMs, at a reasonable price next to Costco and Home Depot. It is easy to see all the invoices/orders through web interface and printable any time for tax purposes.

My Amazon purchases are third in the rank, First Costco, then Home depot and then Amazon. Here is the history. This year, 2017, reduced order as my two kids started buying on their own. It is suppose to be around 200 orders !

2014 - 14 orders
2015 - 91 orders
2016 - 119 orders
2017 - 59 orders

Additional benefit is that we can see the feedback reviews and choose the best.

For example, when I want to select bluetooth accessories, I review multiple selections and choose the best out the group.

Same way, I came to know about Ubiquity network access point. Four years, I am using it, till date no issue.

Nest camera, best to get it from amazon at a cheaper price. Plenty of good reliable items at a cheaper price than elsewhere.


So you are the one who is bumping up its stock price… :rofl:

I don’t buy anything on Amazon except going to Whole Foods once a while… :laughing:


I may be one among the lethargic millions using Amazon. All my used books are from amazon too, that pays me back through stocks.

Their service, delivery and return policies for Prime Members are great.


I like to see and touch what I am buying… Had to go the local hardware DYI store twice today… Bought the wrong part… I return stuff to Home Depot all the time… I need to see the color, measure the size, compare different parts and products… Amazon does not work for me. I prefer dealing with people… Am at war right now with DirectTV… They screwed me out of my $200 rebate… To easy for internet bastards to lie and hide when they have voicemail only communication … am fighting with faceless liars in Texas or the Philippines or wherever


I do like Home Depot, but see here 4 items I bought. If I shop in Amazon, I have reviews to compare and get reliable item and everything done in 5 minutes, but items are coming to my home delivery at a cheaper or almost same price what I get at store.

Even though the book is $16.80, I buy used book which is $5 appx. If I go to book store, I may end up with additional cost, time and efforts (drive around 5 to 10 miles).

If I need to really buy it at store, I need to hop around various stores and easy to spend 1/2 day.


I know… My wife is hooked on Amazon… Thank god she is frugal, not a shopaholic… We need to buy less shit, not more


Don’t you still own self-storage facilities? You have tons of space.




Dang, Bezos want your money even faster!!!


Hmmm, what is God doing???