Amazing Amazon



If it makes money, Bezos will do it.


Just like Bill.


Wow, imagine Amazon buying Target…



Geez, maybe something like this will get guys to shop more (online)…


God, love the idea of a la carte tv. Do this with Bay Area sports, I would kiss Comcast bye bye…


Yup, then open up the infrastructure for competitive bidding of internet service among different providers.


Look like Eddie Cue fails again. Apple talks about skinny programming ages ago. I have to wonder why TC likes Eddie. Without SJ, Eddie seems to fumble a lot. Recently there is rumor that Jimmy Iovine is planning his exit. Hopefully, Dr Dre doesn’t follow.


Planning? I thought jimmy already gone?

AMZN is now 590B. Braking into 600 next week?


They never should have fire Forestall. He was the genius behind all the software. Although, I’m not sure how much of an expert he is for cloud stuff. He’s an OS guy. Last I checked, he never took another job. He was doing Angel investing and advising startups. Maybe Apple should bring him back.


Success at a young age has made Forestall too arrogant, should have been more humble, likely be the next CEO after TC.

Apple badly need a cloud guy. I think the skills required of Eddie’s position is too diverse. What does his position required? Negotiation skills? Cloud computing development? Understanding music? Understanding Hollywood? Generic web expertise?


One thing I’ve learned with how diverse we are is each business runs as a separate company. It may not get reported publicly, but internally there’s a full P&L for every business. The company knows the exact revenue, expenses and profit. Externally, it’s just AWS and then everything else is combined.

The top execs that report to the CEO are more of a VC or PE firm. They review business plans and financial plans for each business. They approve the investments and makes sure each business hits it’s targets.

There are some business processes that apply company wide, but they are very few. Everyone has a weekly business review to review their key business metrics. Everyone has a monthly business review to provide updates on key projects. Everyone uses the doc process to present ideas and make decisions. I’ve become a fan of the doc process. It ends up being very data driven. Everyone reads the doc at the start of the meeting then you discuss. It’s very different from most companies where decisions are mostly about how charismatic the PowerPoint presenter is. Decisions are made at the lowest possible level. Employees decide what to do and management’s job is to enable their success.

Apple is structured completely different. It’s actually pretty amazing how successful both companies are while having completely different structure and operating styles. Apple decisions are made top down, and then it’s up to the team to execute the vision of the top execs.


A wise man once said: companies ship their org charts. The internal org decides which company is good at what thing.

Amazon is like a common platform on which hundreds of individual businesses operate. It’s no wonder they were first in cloud, because internally they operate that way. One team doesn’t need another team’s permission, everything is available thru well-documented API’s.

Amazon is the most scalable business the world has ever seen. It can reach $3T market cap, if the US government allows.


Org and operating style of AMZN is similar to GE. At one time, many corporate and government want to copy the GE way. I am in one of those, sending many people to learn the GE way. GE way is considered the most progressive, scalable and fair way. Nobody bother anymore.

I am a great believer in CEO. So long Jeff is around, AMZN would do very well.


The GE Way by Robert Slater.

The Amazon Way by John Rossman.

The Microsoft Way by Randall E. Stross.

The Dell Way by Rebecca Saunders.

The Cisco Way by Dushyant Sukhija.

The HP Way by David Packard.

When a company is doing well, people would think even the way their employees do on bed is the best.


Yikes, early innings eh??? Well, try to stay clear of the monopoly line…


That’s my point about people saying Amazon is why 7,000+ retail stores closed in 2017. That’s not mathematically possible given the small market share. Retailers in the US grossly over built their store foot print. Their own stores were cannibalizing sales from other locations. They need to right size their foot print. The US has way too much retail space. We should be re-zoning and re-developing some of it into residential to help with the housing shortage.


Residential housing don’t pay much tax to local government!
Can local government collect income tax?


If they build with enough density, then it’ll create a lot of property tax revenue. They need to build up to get the right density.