Amazing Amazon


Amazon market cap has just crossed 600B. I will give it 6 months to overtake Microsoft.


You better start investing in Seattle then!


Is that a lot? @Terri, are you bumping up the average?


LOL! You chastised me before. I’m not sure I should answer your question.

Let’s though, say one thing: there is a tendency to make an order, and then say “Oh shoot! I forgot to add ___ to my order.” And then you make another order. So yeah, it’s not that hard to buy twice in a week–even in an hour.



Ok, is it more than just selling drugs???




So embarrassing, tech companies become media companies, make money through ads only?


With the kind of capital excesses that is of Amazon, there is no industry that it can’t impact if it wanted to hit. Healthcare is certainly a prime and profitable industry that could use a dose of efficiency through technology and new thinking.


Healthcare or selling drugs? Doubt AMZN would improve healthcare, more like selling drugs more efficiently. CVS and Walgreens are so brick and mortar.


We’ve heard about the drug part but I am thinking it could be more than that, healthcare-wise. Healthcare is such a big industry that I am sure Jeff is thinking where he could provide some efficiencies/economies of scale. I mean he got into groceries for Christ sakes. Why not healthcare?


Healthcare is ripe for disruption. You don’t need to see a MD for 90% of doctor visit.

Also, pharmacy benefit managers are a racket. One of the big lessons learned from the Epi Pen fiasco was the net price to Mylan didn’t increase. It was the pharmacy benefit managers increasing the price.


Going into groceries is not the same as going into farming.
Selling drugs is not the same as healthcare or into biotech or researching drugs.
Healthcare is a big industry.

Even marcus is not talking about healthcare. Pharmacy is about drug.


Why am I wasting my time posting stories if you aren’t going to read them???:grinning: Is it not possible this is more than drug selling? Think outside the box for once…


Here… do I need to read it for you too???:grinning:


Did you read those articles? Clearly not healthcare per se. Selling drugs and administration.
Journalists love to intentionally misinterpreted and exaggerated news.

Amazon is the latest technology company, after Apple and Alphabet, to make moves in health care.

All the three companies are doing different things.
Apple into healthcare devices.
Alphabet into drugs research.
Amazon into selling drugs and admin.


@hanera I said, “You don’t need to see a MD for 90% of doctor visits.” That’s healthcare and it needs to be disrupted.


Sound like admin or are you referring to online diagnostics-drug prescription-selling drugs? If latter, then is overlapping with Apple.


I could see using LPN’s instead of doctors for 90% of visits. It’d lower costs by quite a bit. Also, most doctor visits are from a handful of routine issues. Since it takes forever to get a doctor appointment, many people go to urgent car or ER instead of a primary care doctor. Having low cost clinics to efficiently handle that volume at a low cost would have a huge impact to overall costs.

Also, it’d be amazing to see an insurance program that rewards people for getting healthier. Imagine if there was an incentive for people to get off of cholesterol or blood pressure meds. If we could get people to not smoke and have healthy BMI, cholesterol, and blood pressure, then we’d see dramatically lower rates of chronic disease which is where most healthcare spending is. We need a serious campaign on preventing chronic illness.

There is work on the admin side too. Everything from scheduling to bill payment to medical records. In today’s world, my phone should store my medical records in the cloud. Then I put a QR code on my phone screen that a doctor can scan and see all of my medical records. That’d be pretty easy to do.