Amazing Amazon


How soon?


Buy more BP today?


Techs seem to be making a come back.

AMZN testing 20-day SMA today. Need to conquer for a resumption of rally.


If our focus is long term, we should not be bothered about less than 5% ups and Downs as no one knows exact bottom. If we feel it is bound to go beyond 10%, we must be careful.

Yesterday, I read one book, here is the snippet from that book


BP looks like a good buy today. Ex-div is Feb 10th.
Just wondering if OPEC will do something silly and stock will slip more.


IMO, BP, moving into net profit level now, is touching lowest either today or in few days and bound to go up soon.

[update:] BTW: No matter whether it goes up or down, 6.7% dividend income, I bagged BP now


I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
What I know is that our environment will be destroyed for the sake of you guys earning a buck.

And, watch for the oil tycoons to make their move destroying the solar industry and lifting the oil industry to levels of insanity never seen.

Keep an eye on the USPS being in the eyes of Trump’s murderous henchmen. What happens if they put down that mail service? Who benefits? Cha-chin! The players are up there in your comments.


Not sure if BP’s dividend is sustainable if they can’t balance their books with oil under $60/barrel.


On any case, it is reaching bottom, bound to go up. With profit level, the value may go up. Buying near bottom is the key so that yield can be profitable.


The bottom can be now till high 20s. No harm scaling in for shares.


If they slash the dividend this will go further south. I am more inclined to buy this when that happens.



Yes, that risk is there even when I bought XOM and CVX.

The real issue is not about Dividend, but demand for oil. Even now, The two high demand places are US and China. When Trump+Rep discourage (financially using tax accounting), US imports may go down, but production in US will increase.

Second, USD will get harder against GBP/EURO when FED rates are increased. These two factors affect BP returns.

This is the main reason, I stay away from all foreign companies (and bought XOM and CVX).

I was thinking for a while before putting a limit order, but it is too early to visualize what will happen in future, took the risk and bought it. I think my potential loss (if any) is protected around 5% drop.

I bought it at $34.234 today, I feel the lowest it can go possibly around $33 and not below. Let me see.


I bought at $41…And have enough at a 6% dividend to pay my gasoline bill…Should have bought more at $28…not buying anymore…


Why would anyone invest in oil these days???


Next: Yoga pants!


Forget that $5 billion Russian deal?

I don’t think the current president brings an oil tycoon into his team to improve the solar industry.

The Dakota pipeline? It’s destroying our environment!

That line of thought may change the day you hear this administration talking about the wind-solar industry. Otherwise, keep your eye on that 8 black ball, it will roll towards corruption and oil for food.

Amazon will do good.



Granted one study and somewhat imperfect, but Amazon kicks Safeway’s butt in terms of total cost for a delivered set of groceries. I believe we had a separate thread that determined that Costco is still cheaper than Amazon (even with the recent marginal membership fee increase). Geez, could it be that the Safeway that is close to my home may no longer be a real selling point??? …:cry: Damn you, Amazon!!!


That is one awesome Overlord look… Though the chair back definitely needs to be bigger.