Amazing Amazon


I don’t think lucky is the right word. The fact that they even got hired in the first place was already an achievement given the massive layoffs during this period.


Agreed. Hiring wasn’t a sure thing. My husband took the offer we got. Nowadays he’d have 10. When Google told him that they had paused hiring, we knew it wasn’t good!


Software engineering jobs in 2009-2011 were plenty. I don’t recall a big unemployment for software engineers


Nope. Maybe plenty for people with experience but definitely not for newbies.


I believe that a couple of our friends from Akamai got laid off. I think tech just rebounded fast enough that they simply had an extended vacation.


Article was composed on 3/29 and while it’s still technically over the April Fools Day weekend one needs to be cautious with this. I wonder if this was a prank, or a misstep in the release of data by someone at the City of Los Angeles?


It actually makes a lot of sense to do it in LA so I think it’s real!


If it’s a joke, it’s not all that funny.




Is this catching on???



Sounds like Nixon’s enemy list. Like a red badge of courage. Maybe there should be a Trump enemy’s list ETF.



I just heard a news story this morning that deals with Amazon not collecting tax on certain interstate purchases. California wants them to start collecting tax on them. I don’t know whether they can do it or not.


It’s third party sales. It’s the responsibility of the third party to pay the sales taxes. If the state really has that big of issue, they should go after the third parties that aren’t paying state income taxes. I wonder what percent of them are paying.


Mr. Seattle,

Is that why that huge bottle is by your feet there???


Wow, I suspect some management will be fired over that.