Amazing Amazon


She gets nothing. Prenup.


You mean is Amazon paying corporate taxes finally?


Law makers are thinking how to force AMZN to pay corporate tax. AMZN is effectively using tax payers’ money to fund its capital expenditure and expansion. New laws have to be enacted to close this loophole.


Any company can do the same thing. It’s just most companies don’t have enough ideas to invest the profits into.


Agree with Marcus. Amazon is reinvesting in people. Totally fine with them not paying taxes. And in CA, we’re doing it for them. So no tears for the gov’t coming from me.


Many startups and mom & pop did that but once they become listed, the unsaid rule is to show profit… AMZN is breaking this unsaid rule and get away with it… is a bad thing as many companies could start to follow which ultimately lead to no1 pay corporate tax! Law makers would be pissed which would lead to increase of other types of tax or tax revenue instead of profit. Is ok when AMZN is the only one doing that, not when everybody follows.


It is amazing if an individual doesn’t show profit in five years the business is a hobby and the investments can’t be deducted…Meanwhile Amazon has lost money for 14 years…


Look at how much pressure Apple gets to do something with the cash. Now they are giving it back to investors. The Amazon investments have created a ton of job growth. Amazon now has 500,000+ employees. All those people pay income tax. If we want job growth, we should encourage investment.

Corporate income tax is only about 8% of tax revenue.


Looks like AMAZON is doing what Trump had done, eternal loss showing, but profitable practically ! Trump is behind AMZN now…


Well, Ivana Trump apparently settled for $14M plus some real estate and use of the resort. Melania’s book deal would be HUUUUUUUUUGE!!!


Now that corporate taxes have been reduced maybe Amazon will show more profit


Yeah. They were one of the few companies hiring in 2009.


Apple and amazon were both hiring in 2009. It was a great time to get hired, since the stock prices were down. You got more RSUs, since your target is a dollar amount.


Net job creation? Are jobs created by AMZN more than job losses in closing down of other retailers’ physical stores?


If Amazon is more efficient the answer is no…


Amazon is 4% of all retail sales in the US. Ther s no way Amazon’s 4% share has caused all those closures. US retail is massively overbuilt based on the per capita retail squares footage.

Also, we are talking about loss of minimum wage jobs that’s re mostly part-time. Amazon jobs are mostly full-time, higher paying, and with benefits. That’s actually good since jobs are being replace with better jobs.


You have repeated this many times. It might be true that retail is overbuilt but is still marginally profitable for the years because of the few days in a year such as Thanksgiving days, Christmas and back to school. AMZN stole enough sales i.e. the last straw on the camel back. So is not wrong to say AMZN causes the closures of those stores.


I’d argue amazon accelerated it. The overbuilding is the root cause. It’s like a straw house blowing over and blaming the wind. The straw house was going to fail. The wind just made it happen that day instead of later.


Exactly, most of the real estate buyers, esp from GOOGLE, FB, NFLX,NVDA, AAPL, now are from those period. Their stocks went well above 1M range, cashing it and getting some homes.


Fresh graduates joining between 2009-2011 are the most lucky guys who have yet to experience the hardships of an economic downturn. Wonder anyone spend $20,000 to groom a dog or a cat, just like during dotcom.