Amazing Amazon


In the luxury/entry luxury segment

Many more in the next 3-4 years…


To think Tesla as a car company might be too short sighted now. Think of it as a company that revolutionizes energy usage.


Revolutionary companies earn more than 14% gross margin. Their income statement says they’re a car company. Their long-term profit potential is limited by their weak gross margin. Combine that with needing billions to increase manufacturing capacity, and it’s not a compelling argument to own it.


Scaling will need a lot of money+ time, both of which are scarce for tesla UNLIKE the competitors & from what I understand the technology isn’t hard to replicate.

TESLA’s moat is

  1. supercharger network
  2. sporty cars/people who love cars, like to drive their cars


@marcus335 I ask people their favorite 3 tickers. What are yours?




No, Tesla’s only moat is Musk. He has a cult following.


People love the products(not just because it’s electric). Model S was/is the highest rated car by Consumer reports ever.


Model S also has a lot of reliability issues.

Buying Tesla cars also buys into Elon Musk’s cult. It’s not just the car. It’s the whole package. It’s not unlike buying Mercedes for status signaling. The whole package makes people feel good. People who feel good rate their cars high. It’s a subjective thing.


No need to listen to Debbie Downers. There can be a million reasons not to invest in a stock. Follow your own instinct.


Except BABA, i have both. Cool!


I have BABA but not the other 2.


Tha’ts also cool.
What are your favorite tickers - other than TSLA and BABA? Give me your other favorite 3.


AAPL, GOOG, and FB :grin:




OK, but maybe let me re-ask - since these are already blown, how much do you see them going? I own FB and GOOG fair amount. but i don’t expect them to go 10x again.


Yes not expecting them to go 10x. But they are safer investments.

10x material for me would be BIDU, TSLA, and NFLX.


Non-10x is easy. AAPL, AAPL, AAPL.


10x: put your life savings into FB calls. You can 10x your net worth in 2 years.


:scream: Please don’t push lemmings off the cliff…