Amazing Amazon


I made 60% annual on a fire and forget nonstock investment. Plenty of ways to make okish returns.


Manch is just very happy that his deep red calls become deep green calls.


Car companies sell commodities and thus have low valuations. Of course Tesla doesn’t want to thought of as just a car company. But once it is the market cap and stock value will drop.


That’s not a very good analogy. Amazon used to sell books only and had a very high valuation when it was doing just that.



Did you guys know that Amazon operates or is going to operate a small office in Santa Cruz?


Wow. Did not know. Any other tech companies there?


well, yes, there always have been, right? SCO Unix… “Santa Cruz Operation”
Scotts Valley has a few (old) tech companies on Scotts Valley Dr. Seagate used to be headquartered there but they moved in 2010 to Cupertino. Does anyone remember Soundblaster? They have an office across the street from the old Seagate building.

There are newer startups too, but they have trouble hiring enough engineers. I used to work at Scotts Valley based startup. The founder and first 5-10 people were all from Santa Cruz. About 25 people from “over the hill”. They wanted to grow more and had to move to North San Jose for that reason.

I don’t know of any other tech company with the recognition of Amazon in Santa Cruz.


That’s a really small office. Plantronics is there too. The tech companies in SC seem to think they can pay 50% of what companies in the valley pay. Their pitch is you get to live in SC. The issue is housing in SC isn’t cheaper, so it’s pretty tough to justify the 50% pay cut.

My new boss lived in SC before moving to Seattle. She kept her home (ocean view) and was renting it out as a vacation rental. Someone was checking vacation listings and contacted the vacation management company. They made an unsolicited offer that was good enough to get her to sell. That might be a good way for people looking for off-market deals.


33 jobs posted with some of them “multiple”. The friend who emailed me about this new office mentioned a total of 100 workers. I wouldn’t call 100 “really small”.


It is really small for a company Amazon’s size. If it was 100 jobs on the SV side of the hill, it wouldn’t even be a news blip.



Only at Amazon would a VP ask to see a 20 MB excel model, because they want to know the details of how it works.



Not sure my heart can handle a 20% drop in amazon tonight… :pray:

Meanwhile our favorite professor just made a bold prediction:


How about a 10% drop?


Been due for a drop since the drop in February
Buying opportunity


Amzn is a good story. Don’t sweat about it.

Earning in 1 minute, buckle up!

Will it be up 5% AH?


Jeff is God. He can’t possibly do any wrong. I am thinking UP, not down…


Omg, revenue not good