Amazing Amazon


The world just ended. Bernie Sanders and Trump both agree in praising the move.


Is Jeff Bezos preparing to run for President?


I hope not or at least not yet. Amazon needs to reach $2T first.



I don’t get how/why that’s a story. Retailers promote their own brands on store shelves right next to the major brands. Sometimes they even show how much you’d save by buying their brand.


But you have to admit, your employer is sneaky and frankly taking over…


How can it be taking over with under 10% market share?


Aahh, baby steps Grasshoppa…


Amazon Is Eliminating Bonuses, Stock Awards to Help Pay for Raises


What say you, Mr. Seattle @marcus335???


“Even after the elimination of bonuses and stock awards, hourly operations and customer-service workers will see their total compensation increase, the company said in a statement.”

I’m sure it’s easier for people to have the money in a reliable paycheck without having to worry about bonus and vesting schedules.

“Workers whose pay was already above $15 per hour will get hourly raises of $1, according to two people familiar with the matter who asked not to be identified discussing the company’s compensation practices. Some long-time workers expressed frustration that their raises are small compared with newly hired workers who will see hourly pay bumps of as much as 40 percent.”

Yup, there will always be people that find a way to complain.

Nothing is changing for corporate employees. The base pay cap still exists and all comp above it is stock based.


Amazon Nabs Toy Sales From Walmart, Target





Is that a subtle hint to buy, buy buy without saying anything about your employer, hmmm, Mr. Seattle???


It’s just a data point. :slight_smile:


How is that roof coming along?


I’m getting a dumpster delivered next Thursday. I have other stuff going on this weekend where I can’t start the demo then. I’ll work on a materials list this week. The only thing I don’t know is how many joists need replaced. I did my research on size of joist, span, live load for the deck, etc.


And the weather is not an issue yet?