Amazing Amazon




Ok, how the hell am I going to compete with that?


Mom and Pop store



Wow Amazon does do everything.




Amazon just sent a paper holiday gift guide to my wife behind my back… Amazon became Sears faster than Sears can become Amazon.



Not sure if there are these many kids who are qualified to learn to code. Otherwise we wouldn’t need H1Bs.


Just import those kids.


People are not commodities.




Stay hungry, stay foolish.
Sound familiar :grinning:


It’s interesting he said 30-year lifespan. Amazon will be ~30 when the 2 new campuses are supposed to be full.


Do you guys watch TV? Well, I do and I actually enjoy seeing ads.

I’ve been seeing a lot PillPack ads lately. Let’s see what Amazon can do to drive down healthcare cost.

As you might remember,


Yes, I am aware of this few months before when JPM, AMAZON and Berkshire joined. Remember Berkshire invested in JPM in the recent quarter $4 billion.


Boom! In a nutshell, why Bezos is truly The Man. Despite the wealth and power of his baby, he has already conceded that ultimately his baby will fail. That, is a great visionary who can see things from all perspectives. Winner…


Always true. There’s ups and downs. But he will cash his stock out before that point.

That said, moving his Customer service to India was probably not a bright move. They can’t fix what should be basic issues. Very frustrated.