Amazing Amazon


There is a change in strategy. I read the results, GOOGL is fine to buy as their results are far better. When it dips further, I will add some more.

AMZN has recently increased $15 wages, that was not in Q3, but will reflect in Q4.
Similarly, USPS price increases was not in Q3, but will affect Q4.
Tariff impacts affect AMZN, not in Q3 but in Q4 (10%) and Q1 (25%).

Analysts expect these additional expenses, while revenue forecast is less, eating the profit margin.

I will not add AMZN, but will add some NFLX.


Sell, sell, sell? marcus would be annoyed. so would manch. He dumped all his monies in FB and AMZN :scream:


I already reduced AMZN after hours, after reading the results/analysis, but still holds some.


Thought it would decline below 200-day SMA and eventually has a death cross. Look like fundamentals are supporting this technical possibility.


Trade war hurts Americans. When will people wake up?

Just read some conspiracy theory saying China reduced buying treasuries and thus pushing up interests rate. Need to tank American stock market before Xi and Trump meet in November and to hurt Trump in midterms. No idea if it’s at all true. Fun speculation.


Yesterday, Amazon was just $1.82 above SMA 200 closed. Today after market went down below SMA 200. Not calculated SMA-50

Good Learning some TA.

The “cross” refers to two simple moving averagescrossing ” over each other. A golden cross is considered a bullish sign; it occurs when the 50 - day moving average rises above 200 - day moving average . A death cross is considered a bearish sign; it occurs when the 50 - day moving average drops below 200 - day moving average .


With AMZN going down, stock dives.

If in future, Nov 6th, if hanging government comes in USA, none of the programs will get vote, that includes DEC 7th shutdown funding !

If FED does not stop rate hike and add another 0.25%, we will all have fun and nice stock run !


Someone posted like this.



Just read an article in the San Diego Union Tribune about a guy in Oakland who bought a prefab home through Amazon and put it up in one day. I wish I could share the link but the e-version of the paper doesn’t allow copy and paste. He had a small crew working for him. They just got the house up in one day but did not do the interior finishing, like plumbing or electrical.


How much?


It did not say the selling price in the article.


Prefab turnkey counts. Anything else, you are better off with a doublewide




Brazil is an insane place to do business. Some specific items have insanely high tariffs, so they have to be built in Brazil. Employers pay a payroll tax that’s ~90%, so labor costs almost double what it should.

At one of my prior companies we learned our competitor was illegally importing things without paying the import tax. It was saving them a ton of money. The process for reporting them and having it fixed was beyond bureaucratic and would take years to remedy.


Amazon Raises Minimum Pay for Everyone—Except These Workers

The gig economy is getting the Jeff Bezos treatment. Interviews with contract workers suggest the pay doesn’t live up to promises.


It’s another option for drivers besides Uber and Lyft. They don’t have to deal with having other people in their car.



Uh oh, the elimination of the human worker begins…