Amazing Amazon


Per this “fake news”, Amazon is hiding small mom and pop products online.

In its study, Propublica looked at 250+ frequently purchased products over several weeks and discovered that Amazon featured its own products first “even when there were substantially cheaper offers available from others”. Basically, if you’re looking at a product on Amazon, there’s a good chance you’re not being shown the lowest price.
Though, it doesn’t have to be that way…



I would agree with that statement (that few people are willing to buy a frig online). Just don’t send it via drone ok???


Unfortunately no access to full details but here we go again with more craziness in the Fab 7x7…


I guess I was right on crossing $850 would lead to a breakout higher.


Hmmm, I did not expect this jump, but amazon looked low below 840 ! Few days before when it was going down to $836, I just bought few more.

Same way, I bought few shares of BRKB today.


Is it just me or does Bezos look just like Dr Evil?

Definitely richer


Where’s his cat?


This means #1 and #2 are in Seattle.





Amazon reached $906 today, a way up from $728 ! Anyway, I picked up at $750.


Looks like this is the reason for Amazon jump



What? Not in the Fab 7x7??? Ok, @manch, 1-0


Why not the old Barnes and Noble space?


But seriously though, is this really a good long term strategy? I know Amazon got money to burn but on B&M retail book stores? Do millennials even know what hardcover or paperback books are???


Another store is set for Walnut Creek. Win for @wuqijun


Apple was heavily criticized for thinking stores with only Apple products would work. They don’t blindly throw them into every strip mall in America. They go into very specific locations. The sales per sq ft are the best in retail. That type of strategy could work.