Amazing Amazon


The old borders space in Palo Alto is beautiful and will work wonderfully as an Amazon store. It will also be poignant to the point of trolling.



Yes, I suppose this would be on your list after you develop a time machine…


20 straight years of revenue growth over 10%


Hey, hey, hey, that invisible hand idea is mine!!!

Adam Smith


Online retail is only 8.3% of total retail sales. I wonder where the equilibrium point is in terms of brick and mortar vs. online sales? At some point, online will stop taking market share from brick and mortar.


Not if @Jil can help it with the occasional love seat purchase… :slight_smile:


How about purchases by wives??? I didn’t give “permission” to her, either…:slight_smile:

Yes, I know, the Big A briefly hit 1K today…


@sfdragonboy As the saying goes, “happy wife, happy life.” You may want to think about if that’d make your wife happy or unhappy.


Yes, I realize that we men recite that saving 28 times out loud each morning as we are brushing our teeth in the wee early morning to go out into the big wide world to bring home the bacon and while I should thank you for reminding me of that mantra (thank you) I would like to be simply selfish for once…just once…:slight_smile:


If men were honest with themselves, they would realize they waste far more money in the name of investment. In that case, failed investments.


Amazon is hungry…


This is the kind of shenanigans we don’t need… BREAK UP AMAZON!!!


It’s only if you’re using the store’s free wifi. Why should a store give you wifi, so you can comparison shop? They are paying for the wifi.


They can block mobile data (LTE, 4G etc…) within the stores. A lot of big box stores in US have pretty poor reception anyway so folks probably wouldn’t notice.

What’s jarring is that, this “patent” will turn out to be frivolous; I can’t imagine Amazon exercising this patent and preventing competitors from doing the same. It’s like Uber applying surge prices (different issue, but from customers’ perspective), and preventing Lyft from doing so. :wink:




God, even mighty Nike kowtows to Amazon!!!


I don’t know why Nike needs Amazon. The shipping on their own web site is free and pretty fast.


Remember if Nike stall is not in Gilroy outlet center or other Malls, what the buyers (mall visitors) do?. They choose other available shoes.

Amazon conceptually a market place like Big malls or outlet center.

Amazon announced selling Shoes directly using their market place. If Nike is not selling, buyers will not have Nike shoes in Amazon and choose other shoes. Nike needs to list through amazon to compete with other competitors.