Amazing Elon

Why do not you do it?
Have you ever been in court for a trial (not small Claims)?

@REInv has invested heavily in TWTR.

Then he should be ecstatic the company is taken out at high price…

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He bought it long ago.

Re-caught and caged by me.

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Confirmed by Reuters

Watch out for fake news.

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This piece eloquently explains the reasons why Twitter will be super bad for Elon. I think we may have witnessed “Peak Elon” in real time.

On the big geopolitical mess Elon is plunging head-first into:

And it gets worse the second you leave the United States! Germany is a huge market for Tesla. Are you going to flout Germany’s speech laws? I would bet not. The Indian government basically demands social media companies provide potential hostages in order to operate in that country; you can’t engineer your way out of that shit. Are you ready to experience the pressure Twitter faces in the Middle East to block and restrict accounts? Are you ready for the fact that the Iranian government will fucking murder people over their social media posts? (Are you ready for how Twitter is being used by Iranians protesting that government right now ?) Are you excited for the Chinese government to find ways to threaten Tesla’s huge business in that country over content that appears on Twitter? Because it’s going to happen.

There is a lot of hubris among tech bros that everything is an engineering problem. Nope. Not even close.


Just a question. Don’t Twitter need to pay 1-4 weeks per year work for layoff? If yes, why not let Twitter lays you off? If I’m not wrong, over 40 yrs old, can get more benefits.

Musk, also CEO of Tesla, has been critical of the Biden administration and Democrats for their proposals to tax billionaires and give more tax incentives to union-made electric vehicles.

Enough of those ultra liberals.

Democrats = Ultra liberals
Republicans = liberals

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Ask yourself who buys EVs? Are they MAGA heads living in Alabama? Or are they liberals in the Bay Area?

It’s never a good business idea to spite your own customers. Pretty soon driving a Tesla is announcing to the world you are a MAGA head.

I have a feeling my prediction is coming true. Elon is self destructing with his Twitter obsession.


Don’t belittle the messenger :pray:

If he dies and resurrects, the world would have a new religion, Elonism.

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It’s already a religion. Or more precisely, a cult.


:fire: Burn baby burn :fire: :rofl:

In line with our ambition for decarbonizing and reindustrializing France and Europe, with


we exchanged on future green industrial projects, such as manufacturing of electric vehicles and batteries.

Europe wants to catch up with Musk in the NEXT 5 years with technology which is already working in USA in SpaceX.(Might have posted this before).

Just posting it for weekend reading… for Musk lovers.