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I hate when people equate housing affordability with homelessness. Do they really think any of the homeless people work? I honestly think the rise in homelessness across America has more to do with the Opiod epidemic and drug addiction than anything else. Second place would probably be lack of treatment for the mentally ill. Statistically, most homeless are some combination of drug/alcohol addict, mentally ill, and/or convicted criminal.


Has to do with the weather. If your location has good weather then homeless will come to you.


Why are they in Seattle then? We have all of that rain. They do tend to avoid places with harsh winters or really hot summers though. I wonder if Seattle, SF, and LA get a lot because they are all located on interstates that go across the entire US. If you just keep going west on a major interstate, then you end up in one of those 3 cities.


Rain is no problem at all… free water to quench thirst for the homeless is added benefit. :wink:

Can shower in the rain too to reduce their odor :rofl:


Thought rain attracts lovebirds.


They have a major problem with homeless in San Diego. I guess its the weather. Right now they have a major outbreak of hepatitis A going on.



How about also sending Jeff a few Southern Belles to perhaps give him some deep and satisfying insight on choosing Georgia???


Dear Jeff: if you chose Concord as hq2, I’ll rename myself to Amazon… :rofl:


Don’t be such a copycat, how about Amazonia? Best used in California!


Amazonia??? No… :rofl:


Come on, let’s up the ante…


Free San Tung chicken wings for life (delivered to you) if you pour the foundation in Fremont…


Can also add a sweetener, rename Con-cork to Canton :joy: Can is a ton better than con and cork :blush:


??? :rofl:


Amazon will have plenty of options when it picks the site for its second headquarters, and in an ironic twist for a company that helped introduce the world to online retail, a few of those options may be defunct shopping malls.

Real-estate developers from Phoenix to Washington, D.C., are suggesting former temples of American commerce as prime locations for Amazon’s next headquarters.

The proposition makes some sense.

Shopping malls can be massive, big enough on their own to meet the space requirements Amazon laid out for its second home. They also tend to be located within reach of the highways, population centers and airports that Amazon mentioned in its wish list of characteristics for what it calls HQ2.

Another advantage: easy availability. Increasingly, malls are vacant.