Amazon HQ2



Not every place has the quality and quantity of workers wanted though…


Isn’t the Stonestown Macy store closing down? Someone call Bezos!!

How about that Velcos “Fashion” mall in Cupertino? That mall was downright creepy last time I went there. Half of the stores were empty. Is it better now?


Vallco Shopping Mall? Too small, can’t house 50,000 workers. Owner, Sand Hill Property Company, still struggling to get approval to start re-development into a new mixed residential cum commercial development plus one elementary school. Is right next to Apple Park/ Main Street Cupertino/ a couple of new Apple buildings… my rental house is pretty close by :slight_smile: bought it cheaper than my primary and is now more expensive :joy:

It has been too long. Our last correspondence about the future of Vallco Mall was not very encouraging. In summary, despite all of our collective efforts, we came up a little short on Measure D. While we were close, too many Cupertino residents voted down a plan they like because of a process they did not.


Haven’t they spent at least 5+ years trying to get approval to redevelop Valco? That’s why this will never happen in the bay area.



Charlotte will NEVER get the nod. NC has the bathroom issue.


But, but…it’s Jordan!!!


Come to Concord!!! We dig transvestites here!!! :rofl:


We have the best people. We know it. Bezos knows it.




San Antonio to Bezos: FU!

San Antonio and Bexar County officials are bowing out of the competition for Amazon’s proposed $5 billion second headquarters, reversing course from their initial plans to put together a competitive bid, officials said.

“Blindly giving away the farm isn’t our style,” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg wrote in a joint letter sent Wednesday to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.


Agree. Amazon should just pay up and refrain from using such technique to get an outrageously unfair deal to taxpayers and likely not fulfilling their parts of the bargain without consequence. Now AMZN is in my blacklist like Alphabet.


It’s Santa Cruz, I tell ya’!!! :grinning:


Wait, where’s the world class international airport?


Well, not sure about the world class part, but if you need Big Brother, SFO is a tad further North…:grinning:


:scream: Santa Cruz just ate Concord’s lunch…


Maybe Bezos has picked up surfing…


He’s too fat he can’t surf…