Amazon HQ2



Orange County developer unveils bid for Amazon’s second headquarters



Personally, I’d love to see San Juan Puerto Rico get HQ2. Would be a plus for the PR economy while still keeping it in the US. (Toronto… Really?)

Land available, even if the hurricane didn’t hit there’s opportunity there.
Freshly replaced infrastructure - build to suit.
Possible Tax advantages
Clean power once their grid is rebuilt
Both air and sea ports
Closer to South American market

Might require more “vision” than “will” to give PR a chance, but one never knows.

My .02c




I…am God!!!



“In what reads like an Arrested Development joke, a pet project of company founder and CEO Jeff Bezos to hand out free bananas to Seattle residents became so big earlier this year that it, only somewhat humorously, was called out for disrupting the local produce market.”


There’s a banana stand outside my building. There’s no reason to buy them if you live near an Amazon building. People literally take a whole bunch of them at a time.



I bet they choose the east coast corridor somewhere between Boston and DC…150m people, half the US live there


Certainly would make sense to have representation on both coasts since Jeff is out to conquer the nation if not the world…


They even approved a bid from my home city, Chula Vista. They gave them 30 years of free property taxes and other incentives totaling 400 million. I don’t know how that stacks up against the other bids.


““It’s hard to imagine that a forward-thinking company like Amazon hasn’t already selected its preferred location. And if that’s the case, this public process is, intentionally or not, creating a bidding war amongst states and cities,” mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar County judge Nelson W. Wolff wrote Oct. 11 to CEO Jeff Bezos. “Blindly giving away the farm isn’t our style.””


Detroit thought it was smart to create a business tax when it had the highest median income in the country.


Detroit had an unfortunate demographic shift.


Which started once the business tax was implemented and people started leaving.


But many city have business taxes like NYC, SF, etc. right?


Austin, Texas is most likely to get Amazon’s $5 billion headquarters, according to the data - Business Insider UK


Fremont or Newark. Steal all the workers away from Google who are tired of having a 3 hour daily commute from Pleasanton.