Amazon HQ2



Ok… he’s too old he can’t surf… :rofl:


Maybe GILROY, the land of the rising garlic, is GROUND ZERO!!!:grinning:


I think Downtown SJ has more of a chance than either Gilroy or Santa Cruz… but of course I’m always rooting for Concord…


In Chicago they have at least 4 different sites they have offered to Amazon and they are pushing hard for it.



Well, pay to play, again right???

No different from Costco. My friend who sells his product via Costco and other chain stores said to me a long time ago when I first met him and asked how he managed to get into Costco. He said Costco cuts you down so much that your margin is almost nothing and you gotta take every return back. What can you do? Say no to that marketplace? No, you say, thank you kind sir, I’ll have another…


Chicago needs it. Let Chicago wins. Alternatively, Concord :neutral_face:


Not so much Chicago, but Illinois needs it too. It is almost bankrupt.


Come on, if you are Bezos, why would you go out of your way to a state that is bankrupt? Yeah, the good press and karma aside I would think you want and need to go to a place that is semi on par with your performance, no? I mean, I wouldn’t want an environment that is drowning to drag me down with it. Sorry, biz is biz…


Don Cunningham was in a meeting in his Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, office when a colleague texted: “Amazon is looking for a new location. Let’s get it.” This wasn’t just any new location, but a second headquarters. As CEO of the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp., a state-funded agency that lures businesses to the region, Cunningham huddled with his staff to read Amazon’s criteria.

They recognized they had shortcomings. Their region is smaller than Amazon wants, it doesn’t have a major airport, and while it does have colleges, they aren’t major research institutions. But Cunningham felt the Lehigh Valley could sell its affordable cost of living and proximity to major cities like New York and Philadelphia, both about an hour away. “We’re a little shy on some of these things, but we’ve got some things going for us so let’s give it a shot,” Cunningham said.

When Amazon announced it was inviting proposals for a second HQ–a corporate investment of $5 billion and 50,000 jobs–it set off a frenzy among governors, mayors, and bureaucrats around the country. As with Powerball, the large stakes lead to less rational behavior – all that matters is the jackpot. High paying tech jobs can permanently transform a region and raise the political prospects of the leader who helped seal the deal.


Vallejo to Concord: Hold my beer.

And officials from Vallejo, a formerly-bankrupt city of 120,000 that’s an hour ferry ride north of San Francisco, told the local paper that Amazon called the city back within hours of their initial email about the search and said its “interested in exploring the opportunity in Vallejo.” Will Morat, who works in Vallejo’s economic development office, said the city’s signed a non-disclosure agreement with Amazon. He doesn’t see Vallejo as a longshot, and even if Amazon doesn’t pick it for the HQ, Morat said the process has helped the city promote sites that are available for other projects. “There is no lose here for Vallejo,” he said. “We are going to find something that will fit.”

As long as it’s in CC county @wuqijun is still sitting pretty…


Wow, sounds like the Bay Area or areas around the Bay, are just too prime to be ignored…


Don’t consumers shop for the best deal before making a major purchase? Shouldn’t a company do the same? A company probably has a obligation to shareholders to seek out the best deal.


Did Amazon ever disclose why they want to establish a 2nd HQ away from Seattle?

I don’t understand for Amazon how Bay Area can be an improvement over Seattle(except for engineering talent, but then there is high competition for those talents here). Costs are much higher here.


Vallejo is not in CC county but in Solano County. However, I wouldn’t mind Amazon moving there either… :rofl:


There’s not enough room and congestion is already getting bad.


Also, it depends on where in the Bay Area. San Francisco and South Bay might be more expensive than Seattle but the east bay is a bargain.


concord ca is the best choice they have a bart all the way to south or north and also sf airport oakland airport sj airport


Also, distance from Seattle might also be a factor. Bay Area is the closest metro to them with significant tech talent pool. Anywhere else would require much more travel time and more complex logistics.


I suspect there will be a lot of employees traveling between the two HQ’s. Flying commercial takes too long and too much hassle. Maybe Amazon would lease some small jets and shuttle people between the two places? If so they can’t be too far apart. Bay Area would be perfect. Just saying… :smile: