Amazon HQ2



Most important criteria: being able to play golf and rub shoulders with regulators.


Start buying houses in DC! One concern is that Bezos and Trump are at odds. Is there any real possibility for an antitrust suit?


Ai yo yo. HQ2 feels like a long term plan to move HQ to a very friendly city that give good tax deals and all kinds of concessions. Amazon may eventually thin out from Seattle if the 2nd HQ have all the goodies that AMZN wants. I have to wonder by tech guys do they mean plenty of Asian tech guys too? Some cities don’t have much Asians and H1Bs. Didn’t mention explicitly because of possibility of being accused of racism.


DC metro has over 6M people. Virginia seems to be popular with immigrants. I think DC is viable. But its cost of living is higher than Texas.

Bezos has a house in DC. He can do his lobbying without HQ2 in DC.

DC is pretty polarized in terms of income. Political people are super rich, but 1/3 of population in poverty and commit tons of violent crime. It could be a good gentrification play, but the crime is a big risk






I like DC’s chances. Of course I will be rooting for the home team.


They made Seattle #4. Maybe they missed the point.


Journalists are not interested in accuracy, just the eyeballs. Amazon wants the cake and eat it, low cost of operating, low housing cost, near international airport, access to large pool of techies and cheap professors, friendly city council, etc.


Oh, Jeff, that was just an oversight on our part…please, please just come!!!




I’m not sure I’d move to Chicago. I honestly never understood the hype. People in the midwest talk about it like it’s Manhattan. The traffic is unbearable. The cost of living is insane for the midwest. Then there’s all the crime. The Miracle Mile is the most over hyped shopping experience ever.


I haven’t been to Austin, but like Dallas/Plano area. There is Mitsuwa and 99 Ranch in Plano area. Enough Asian presence there.


Yes, Dallas is the better place to be than Austin if you are Asian…


Sugarland near Houston has a large Asian community…


Houston has better Chinese food than Dallas. Had Chinese style BBQ pork in Dallas that tasted like rubber.

Been to the 99 Ranch location in Plano years ago. The place seemed more like a Vietnamese/Filipino grocery store back then.