Amazon HQ2



Don’t fall for it, Folks!!!




Honestly, I was in Chicago over the summer and couldn’t believe how clean the city was…compared to SF.

And the homeless people were nice.


"Cities, states, and regions across North America are vying to become the home of Amazon’s $5 billion second headquarters, a development that the company says will bring 50,000 jobs.

At the same time, Amazon has invested at least $775 million in deploying robots that automate human labor in warehouses."

Clearly they don’t know the difference between headquarters and warehouse jobs.


Crime stats for Chicago are higher though…


Every city in America is cleaner than SF…NYC is grimy but at least it doesn’t smell like poop and pee everywhere.



I’m not sure I’d rely on a site that allows you to influence the numbers…


I like reading city-data forums too and many cities are salivating.



Well, ok, I guess we should just give the keys to Detroit then…


What? Hell no. My desire for Amzn to host HQ2 right here in BA is even more dire… :money_mouth_face:


I said early on Detroit is a dark horse candidate. It’s the only city with enough vacant land to build the whole campus new and custom. They could takeover the city of Pontiac at the old Silverdome site. They could go in Detroit near the football and baseball stadiums or near the new basketball/hockey arena. Detroit itself measures super low in educated work force, but the suburbs are full of highly educated people working in the auto industry. Detroit has needed to diversify away from automotive for a LONG time.


Detroit is not the only city with enough vacant land for Amazon HQ2. In Chula Vista, near San Diego, they have plenty of vacant land. They are only offering them 435m in incentives though, so they won’t choose us, which is fine by me because I don’t want all they additional traffic problems. The site is only 1 mile from my townhome.


Honestly I think they are trying to diversify away from the west coast.


Any city in MidWest is good, plenty of nearly free land. Can start with an Amazon University.


That would make absolute sense…I mean if you want to be consistent with the rich getting richer theme that is going around in Washington these days…


That means they need to build their HQ2 in Palo Alto… :rofl:


Yes, tear down that slum called The Farm…:slight_smile:



If people think Seattle winters are bad, Boston is in a different league.