Amazon HQ2



I wonder if that’ll reverse as big cities struggle with homelessness, drug problems, and increasing crime.


Look, if the city leaderships are tough but transparent about it and the residents of the cities give the thumbs up it could work out great. Everyone gets it and are rowing as one. When you have leaders like in my world class city who like to think money grows on trees then you have a problem.



Love how it’s from Washington Post which the Amazon CEO owns. They aren’t letting me read that one without a subscription. Weird.



It’s gonna be DC folks.


Not Daly City??


For a moment, I thought would be Lake Tahoe or San Jose.


San Fran + Bay Area - decided to pay for cleaning the streets + homeless people+ legal defence fund & higher education benefits for illegals instead of incentives for a company.




DC the evil empire. I guess Amazon is worried about anti trust and planning to pay off a lot of bureaucratics



That’s not surprising, but why is Miami a finalist?


Reasonably close to Jeff’s new home, the entire island of Cuba???


I rode a ski lift with a DC builder…They can’t build fast enough…There is no housing for the potential 50k Amazon employees…




SAT scores are the primary reason why LA isn’t going to be in the top 10, even with this article from yesterday…


What??? No Bay Area cities? Amazon needs to go bankrupt quickly and replaced by a Bay Area company. Except Whole Foods because I like to go there once a while… :slight_smile:


I thought we were kinda sure Cali was out anyway…shoot, with Trump talking mean about Amazon, if I were Jeff, I say screw you Virginia…