Amazon HQ2



I think Miami is closest. I’m sure most young people would love to live in Miami. There’s no state income tax, and the state is pretty pro business. How much tech is there in Miami? Being the only big tech employer in a town like that would be a huge draw.

Nashville matches pretty closely too.


Miami will be underwater in 50 years. Not for long term folks like bezos.

Nashville is fine but Tennessee is not. Chance the state will embarrass itself with something like NC’s bathroom ban is high.




Ok, Fox Business is going with…


When will Bezos announce his decision? I’ll lose my patience soon and will not care about it if it’s not announced in 2 months


Well, that is not an admission that you will perhaps go and buy an AR15 and go rambo is it? Because apparently, the FBI ain’t gonna do squat anyway…

(@marcus335, I admit it sounds like the FBI also flubbed it…)


It’s scary how many mass killers happened after the FBI was warned about them.


Manch should make AR15 a dirty word and forbid any post with that word


Sadly, it is legal in more ways than we want…


A threat with AR15 should be a crime and a police report should be filed. They can’t even investigate on the school shooting threat on YouTube with a real name. Criminals should be locked up quickly.


The AR15 is basically an M16. Been the the Armies standard issue weapon since 1964.


Bezos owns 5 homes according to this article and is a 25th largest landowner. He spent time growing up in Texas and I still say he will pick Austin or Dallas area.


Ok, do we have a winner???



I hope not. There’s nothing appealing about living there.


Old girlfriend was doing PHD back there, so I went to Virginia a lot since an old employer was HQ’d in DC. Arlington wasn’t too bad I thought…


The housing appears much more expensive than Seattle. I can’t see Arlington being popular with people under 30, and that’s a huge percent of who the company hires.


Yes, I seemed to recall that Arlington RE was more expensive since a lot of people commute from there to DC for work.