Amazon HQ2




Raleigh is ranked number 1 in above article, consistent with my ground feedback that it is the most likely choice for HQ2. Any1 think is worthwhile to buy rental in RTP? Prices seem to have more than double from 2009 just like SV.


Why buy in the middle of nowhere. I need less headache :face_with_head_bandage:


Apple HQ2 is probably going to Raleigh.


From the map seems to be in the middle of nowhere, yet two top IT companies want to go there, why?
Haven’t been there but Meguro said those places are beautiful.



Didn’t we agree HQ2 will be in DC?


Too expensive. House prices are dirt cheap in RTP despite doubling since 2009. Can easily get far better looking houses than SV for $300-$400. Yes, better looking than Contra Costa County.

May be we should organize a group tour there :slight_smile: Any1 other than Meguro being to RTP?


Based on the article, it appears that both AAPL and AMZN have first pushed to increase white female representation, now is pushing for black representation. Hmm… other colors have to wait. So other colors should join FB and GOOG?






If people are smart, they’ll take advantage of this:



I need to keep my eye on that site.


You wouldn’t need to put a semi auto rifle with a bump stock on it against my forehead to make me move to San Diego…


Why? The weather is amazing. The ocean is actually warm enough to use. I’d rather live there than the bay area. There’s just not a lot of high paying jobs there. Companies pay low, since so many people want to live there.


“wouldn’t”… i agree totally…


San Diego is beautiful, wonder why it didn’t develop into SV-like. Is also a navy base, still is?


It also has a ton of universities. Maybe the weather and beaches are so nice no one wants to work startup hours.

SV’s huge advantage is the first VC firms were there and would only invest in local businesses. Now they have so much money that they need to go outside of SV to find enough investment opportunities.


Real estate is also priced lower here so you don’t need to make as much to keep up your standard of living. It also has a thriving biotech industry if you are qualified for that type of work.