Amazon HQ2



Ok, @sheriff, name the top three San Diego suburbs or outlier areas that you feel are undervalued. No one is keeping score…


I can’t say anywhere is undervalued, but stay away from National City and West Chula Vista. East Chula Vista where I live is pretty nice.


I would go for Carlsbad. Or Fallbrook if you want land


Too close to LA, so LA took the thunder out of it. Same with Boston: too close to New York.


My favorite town down there is San Clemente…too far to commute to LA or San Diego…The only sleepy beach town left


What about Gold beach up in Oregon?


Too cold. San Clemente is even warmer than San Diego




Bezos said that Microsoft was a major factor in his decision to start Amazon in Seattle when he founded the company. He said he was particularly interested in Microsoft’s technical talent at the time, as Microsoft was known for having some of the most technically advanced workforce.

SV was ruled out. So which other cities have a big presence by a megacap tech? Austin is one. RTP?


In the late 90’s, who would have left Microsoft to work at amazon? He doesn’t think big. He thinks HUGE. I think that now amazon is a huge draw people will relocate for it. I meet very few people that lived in Seattle before amazon. I’m hiring right now. I’ve seen about 30 resumes that passed the recruiting filter. 1 was local.

Maybe the first few hundred employees will be poached from local companies. After that, there will be a lot of people relocating to get to 50,000 jobs.

I’ve yet to be on a panel that hired someone. The bar raisers are crazy tough. Reading their interview notes and debrief discussions has made be a way better interviewer. The follow up questions are the most critical part. Now I always start with a disagree and commit question. Most people do the bull shit answer that everyone always agrees.


These cities are finishing strong as Amazon narrows down choice for new headquarters

As Amazon narrows down the choices for its coveted $5 billion second headquarters, it would do well to consider Austin and Dallas — the two finalists located in Texas, CNBC’s 2018 America’s Top State for Business. That is according to a new CNBC analysis of the 20 finalist locations, based on our latest data. Other strong finishers include Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Miami, Nashville and Northern Virginia.


I think it’s going to be in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida or some other swing state. Bezos has major political ambitions. He will convert one of the swing states into Democratic party stronghold making it impossible for Republicans to win the presidency. California, New York and Texas are ruled out for that reason. That’s my guess.


Virginia is a good bet. Bezos already has a house in DC. He wants to be close to the power source of the evil empire.


Miami please…

I can’t take Chicago serious with it’s taxes, anti-business policies, and gun violence.


Come on, based on the original RFP specs, does Miami actually come close as being ideal?


I wouldn’t think so but:

Florida does have a LOT of universities although they don’t seem very STEM focused. The bulk of Amazon employees are under 30, and I’m sure living in Miami would appeal to them. There’s no state income tax (same was WA). There’s also the pull that Bezos grew up there.


It’s a good idea to sell stocks now and buy a house close to the Amazon HQ2 in January.


I thought Florida universities are all about binge drinking and football.


Exactly…Miami should not remotely be in the running if based on the criteria. The fix is in!!!